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I desire fonts that look printed and never handwritten. One thing like this (fast mockup in Lilypond, correcting the errors within the musical instance you gave):
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The handwritten fonts are OK for jazz however I believe that the fashion I exploit is clearer to learn and fewer fussy-looking. (I’ve modeled my font choice right here loosely on G. Henle Verlag’s editions, which can provide you with an thought of the type of engraving I personally desire.)

A few different issues: the slurs in your instance look curvier than traditional, taking over more room than vital. There’s an awfully broad area between the suitable hand and left hand; in my instance, it is most likely too tight, however yours is getting on the broad facet (although nonetheless tolerable, because it provides you additional area to jot down notes in pencil on the rating). The slurs within the left hand, measure 2 are oddly formed, like Bézier curves with weirdly chosen management factors; the curvature must be extra even when doable. The tempo marking «Presto con fuoco» must be bigger, as a result of it’s type of hidden in your instance. I believe you could have matched the font of the music effectively with the font of the textual content; once more, my preferences are totally different from yours right here however at the least you’re constant in your fashion. Aside from that, spacing and readability are fairly good in your instance, and I do not assume anybody would have hassle studying it, which is an important factor.

Welcome to the discussion board. I noticed your introductory put up and I do know that your venture is said to music engraving. I am considerably acquainted with Lilypond and I’ve used it for years, so it is what I am comfy with. I want you success and hope my suggestions is constructive and useful.


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