Wonderful opera recordings compromised/ruined by poor sound engineering.

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One of many flaws of Solti’s 1960 Tristan is that the steadiness goes the opposite manner; it favors the orchestra on the expense of the singers. Nonetheless even when this had been corrected, it might nonetheless be a flawed recording; Uhl did a good job contemplating the circumstances however he was no Vickers, Vinay, or Suthaus. I am having a tough time arising with extra concrete examples off of the highest of my head. Some individuals could argue in opposition to Karajan’s studio Tristan however the engineering has by no means bothered me personally.

Then again, there are recordings like Kleiber’s Tristan that will have solely been doable due to the sound engineering; Margaret Worth by no means sang Isolde on stage and will not have had the vocal energy to do it, however within the studio the balances may be adjusted and it’s doable to retake sections, relaxation and take a look at once more the subsequent day, and so on. Unsure why Tristan retains coming to thoughts right here; it is actually a difficult opera to tug off and there are numerous pitfalls.



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