What You Want To Know About Microplastics

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Microplastics had been just lately present in human blood for the primary time, resulting in questions on what they’re and the way they may have an effect on folks’s well being. The Onion solutions widespread questions on microplastics.

Q: What are microplastics? 
A: Seventy-sixth at finest on the checklist of existential threats at the moment dealing with the human race.

Q: How harmful are they? 
A: Not as harmful as the opposite substances they’ll discover in your blood quickly.

Q: How lengthy do microplastics stay in your blood?
A: Solely a pair thousand years or so, after which level you have to be effective.

Q: How do they get into the ocean? 
A: Microplastics in our oceans may be attributed to the poor recycling habits of tropical fish.

Q: Can the manufacturing of dangerous microplastics be slowed down?
A: Not with out slashing the revenue margin of Dow Chemical by practically 0.07%.

Q: What’s stopping the federal government from taking motion?
A: Over time, small quantities of poisonous lobbyists have amassed in Congress.

Q: How can I keep away from them?
A: Consultants agree the one strategy to keep away from dangerous microplastics is to be born, reside, and die earlier than the invention of plastic in 1862.

Q: How can we devour much less plastic? 
A: The best strategy to devour much less plastic is to chop again on consuming it between meals.

Q: Ought to I be anxious about my well being?
A: No, no matter’s going to occur to you is baked in at this level.


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