What Is Flexion And Extension

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You’ve most likely heard the phrases flexion and extension tossed round on the fitness center or within the field by your private coach or coach. However what precisely does flexion and extension imply? Understanding the rules of human anatomy and biomechanics, is crucial to coaching and efficiency. We’re going to discover extra about human motion, and the significance of flexion and extension to your coaching. 

Flexion and extension are two actions which happen within the sagittal airplane. The sagittal airplane is an imaginary line that bisects the physique into two planes the best and left sides from the medial-lateral axis. Joint actions that happen inside this airplane, embrace flexion a bending motion during which the relative angle between two adjoining segments decreases, and extension a straightening motion during which the relative angle between two adjoining segments will increase. Flexion and extension contain anterior or posterior actions of the physique and or limbs.

For instance, a ahead bending movement from the vertebral column, can be thought-about anterior flexion, whereas extension includes a backward or bending again posterior directed movement.

Within the limbs, flexion decreases the angle between the bones (bending of the joints) whereas extension will increase the angle and straightens the joint. All anterior motions or bending on the joint is taken into account flexion and all posterior motions are extension. These motions embrace bending on the elbow, wrist, and the fingers. For the decrease limbs, bringing your thigh and leg ahead is flexion whereas any posterior or pushing again the leg behind the physique is extension.

Flexion and extension happen in lots of joints throughout the physique, together with the backbone, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, foot, and hand. When referring to the ankle, flexion is called dorsiflexion and extension is plantar flexion.

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Hyperextension is the extension of a joint past the traditional vary of movement, which generally leads to harm. Equally, hyperflexion is the extreme flexion of a joint. Hyperextension accidents are widespread on the knee and elbow.

Now that you’ve a primary understanding of flexion and extension, what are some human actions that may simply be recognized utilizing these anatomical phrases.

Let’s use a bicep curl for instance. Flexion is when the muscle is contracted and joints bend on the elbow, lifting the burden. Extension can be the straightening of the arm again to beginning place, rising the size and angle between the joint.  

In a squat, flexion and extension additionally takes place within the sagittal airplane. Flexion, can be the descending movement, lowering the size between the knee joints and the trunk, whereas extension, can be lengthening the joints as you stand again up.

Different examples of flexion and extension within the sagittal airplane, embrace triceps pushdowns, calf raises, and entrance lunges.

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It’s necessary to develop into conversant in anatomical phrases like flexion and extension particularly as you progress in your coaching. Understanding primary biomechanics and human kinetics, will advance your athleticism and efficiency. By adhering to larger flexion and extension, you may improve vary of movement, thereby lengthening the muscle, which is essential in constructing extra muscle mass and larger energy.

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