Vote or Die returns

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Hello everybody!

The following put up you learn from me can be State of affairs Bali. However right this moment I’m happy to convey you a particular election version of State of affairs Regular. The next is a satirical collaboration with two very humorous writers: Dennard Dayle of Additional Evil and Amran Gowani of Area Analysis.

Get pleasure from!

And for those who reside within the U.S., bear in mind to vote.

DENNARD: Initially, it’s an honor to be right here. Voting has all the time been vital to me, and dying is considered one of my least favourite issues. Backside 5, perhaps three. However quantity one is subpar artistic.

You gained’t discover any right here. At Virtuosity, we solely produce brilliance. Which you’ll have to get the traumatized plenty to the polls.

We’ve every ready concepts to convey Vote or Die into the twenty-first century. Your first marketing campaign was technically this century, however a little bit off-tone. I believe you’ll discover we’ve captured the spirit of the second.

Particularly, we’re specializing in the successful group. We envision the brand new Vote or Die as a pure conservative initiative. The American experiment is headed a technique, and I’m certain you need to be on the best aspect of the Proscriptions. Why play to a center that not exists? Let’s rating some early factors with the Grand Solely Occasion.

Earlier than passing the baton to my friends, I’d like to emphasise that I do know you didn’t have Mr. Shakur killed. And it’s petty of anybody to recommend so.

MICHAEL: This one is a brand new twist on a basic of the style. Keep in mind LBJ’s Daisy advert? An cute little lady counts as she plucks the petals off a daisy flower. She’s counting up, however the voice-over is counting down: “Ten, 9, eight…”

We zoom in on her face.

“Seven, six, 5…”

The little lady’s darkish brown eyes fill the display.

“4, three, two…”

The display goes darkish for a second.

“One, zero…”


Mushroom clouds. Massive-ass mushroom clouds. Like those on the finish of Dr. Strangelove, solely greater as a result of now we have method higher CGI.

Now, right here’s the twist. As a substitute of LBJ, we hear from an actual American hero (Ricky Schroder or Scott Baio).

“These are the stakes. If the Democrats win, Sleepy Joe Biden will nuke each Purple state in America, then repopulate that post-apocalyptic wasteland with socialist immigrants. Don’t let that occur. Vote or die.”

Right here’s the kicker: The unique LBJ advert solely aired as soon as, however the media lined it to demise (pun meant). We purchase one primetime slot, then let the media do the remaining.

DENNARD: It’s all a little bit costly, isn’t it? The media buys, the actors, our extra time. Wouldn’t it’s good to nail this with a easy postcard?


Take into account the valor thief. The ethical hypocrite. The poser. From the military to the playground, America hates and humiliates frauds. We’re inches away from bringing again pillories.

It’d be a disgrace for that to incorporate you, wouldn’t it? To search out your guilt within the mail? Like so?

The lie’s as American as hypertension. “I simply voted. I didn’t spend right this moment dunking stale Halloween Oreos in Cool Whip. I might title the Secretary of State for those who requested.” However nothing can cover the sugar in your fingertips.

This card sends a easy message: we all know. We already observe what you eat, say, and dream. Discovering out for those who bothered sleepwalking right into a public library takes nothing.

Don’t overlook: we’re after the conspiracy-minded. Individuals satisfied they’re value fixed consideration from hidden powers. Making our title a sublime asset. Vote. Or Die implies we’re prepared to behave on our information, and that accidents occur. That folks have a method of disappearing, particularly after they let civic responsibility slide.

I’d by no means endorse threatening voters. Explicitly. However implicit threats are the artistry you got here to us for. And in case you have the braveness, we will take that sense of dread a step additional. The deluxe model perfects our messaging:

Stunning. Need to log out on this now, or faux to contemplate the others? I’ll provide you with a minute. Tell us for those who need assistance with the wire switch.

AMRAN: We attain voters of their pure habitats. On their TVs. Of their mailboxes. And right here, by means of their browsers.

Think about your goal voter’s perusing their favourite, fact-based information supply: Breitbart, 8chan, the Wall Road Journal op-ed web page. They’re attempting to study the “fact” concerning the world, however within the nook of their eye they’re distracted.

A Goal advert urges them to purchase a twenty-dollar jug of Tide. Good day? Inflation?

eBay needs them to bid on bump shares — as if subtle AR-15 connoisseurs don’t hold a dozen backups readily available.

I prefer to name these wasted alternatives.

As a substitute of that untargeted, unrefined dross, what if your required voter noticed these as an alternative?

A Chicano gangbanger holding a burrito and a brick of cocaine, with daring, overlaid textual content studying, “Ever met considered one of these that didn’t smuggle the American Dream? Vote or Die.”

A thug sporting a BLM hoodie, wielding a TEC-9 with, “Ever met considered one of these that didn’t loot the American Dream? Vote or Die.”

Kumail Nanjiani with, “Ever met considered one of these that didn’t outsource the American Dream? Vote or Die.”

A horde of Chinese language chemists working in a “gain-of-function” laboratory, one holding a flask labeled “Biohazard: Wuhan flu,” with, “Ever met considered one of these that didn’t infect the American Dream? Vote or Die.”

An Orthodox Jew flipping by means of a stack of crisp, hundred-dollar payments with, “Ever met considered one of these that didn’t promote out the American Dream? Vote or Die.”

At Virtuosity we don’t promote stuff. We promote concepts. Like racial animus. Financial anxiousness. Democracy.

DENNARD: Excessive requirements! I respect that. These concepts have been decoys. We wished to see for those who have been severe. Isn’t that proper?

MICHAEL: So proper, it’s alt proper.

AMRAN: You’re not simply shopping for Virtuosity, Virtuosity’s shopping for you. Now we all know you’ve acquired discerning style.

DENNARD: Some artistic administrators can be insulted, and I’m. I find it irresistible. Insults hold me sharp. Thanks to your insults.

AMRAN: Do that on for dimension.

AMRAN: To the zealots of the fundamentalist proper there’s just one acceptable type of carnal information: missionary-style between God and the Virgin Mary. The ideas of gender and sexual fluidity terrify these individuals the way in which a mass shooter must.

Let’s set the scene.

person wearing unicorn hat while walking outside

Look what they did to that poor Miller boy.

We’re in a sun-drenched kitchen. A Cleveland Browns banner hangs on the wall. A portly, cherubic lady with blonde hair and blue eyes — assume the mother from That ‘70s Present — is sporting a red-and-white checkered apron and carving an apple pie. She seems up, straight into the digital camera, smiles, and says:

“On this home we love God, nation, and household.”

Then her face turns ominous. Literal storm clouds roll in, the kitchen goes darkish, and she or he warns:

“However the radical left needs to destroy conventional household values and our Christian lifestyle.

“I acquired a kind from my ten-year-old daughter’s faculty asking if her ‘most popular’ gender identification was male, feminine, or ‘different.’

“Final I checked The E-book of Genesis stated God created Adam and Eve. There wasn’t no different.

“However, in keeping with the woke, Soros-backed, Devil lovers on the radical left there may be.

“My daughter’s faculty is crawling with Godless abominations who ‘self-identify’ as homosexuals, transexuals, furries, and — for those who can consider it — unicorns. A few of these shaitans eat from sparkly feed luggage, drink out of rainbow-colored water troughs, and require designated ‘petting and play time.’ If these aren’t codewords for grooming, then I don’t love the Lord.

“I heard they even carry out abortions for these equine-like affronts to humanity in ‘gender-neutral’ bogs!

“The radical left’s so completely corrupted public schooling we needed to enroll our daughter within the native Catholic Faculty. No less than there we all know she’s secure from sexual deviants.”

We freeze the scene, capturing the righteous fury on mother’s face. Then, an iconic Hollywood voice — assume Morgan Freeman — says:

“The radical left: towards Christ, towards America, for genital mutilation and interspecies miscegenation. The selection is obvious: Vote. Or your kids dabble in bestiality earlier than they die.”

DENNARD: I’ll admit: we’ve made one or two appeals to emotion. In our craft, jingles and prodding anger come naturally. However our subsequent idea is pushed by information. Zeroes, ones, all the remaining.

I’ve remoted essentially the most persuasive trendy archetype. The face our viewers will comply with into the ultimate election.

What unites crime reporting, excessive vogue, Chili’s staffing, pop music, and grownup leisure? Blondes. The only white feminine is the essential unit of American consideration. This contains politics, the place delivery charges encourage our most influential shooters and justices.

Subsequent, consider the kids. Or slightly, how usually we declare to think about them. The phrases “youngster security” annihilate all the things previous them. They trample statistics, principle, and perspective into mud. Any power that may hold faculty useful resource officers employed is powerful sufficient for our goal.

Ergo, essentially the most persuasive doable mascot is an endangered blonde youngster.

I’ve numbers for all that. I’ll ship them later. For now, think about this slide.

That’s not a inventory picture. Meet Mary Waller from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her mother and father have generously volunteered her companies — working with us fulfills her junior Social Research credit score. Together with AP Biology, because of her co-star.

That is the shortfin mako, a Shark Week favourite and demise vortex. The hazard posed by most marine life is exaggerated, as a result of they aren’t shortfins. Makos do all of the motivated, high-speed homicide depicted by Hollywood. I name this one Wanda.

Mary is at the moment suspended over Wanda’s tank.

The marketing campaign’s easy. If we obtain two million photographs with “I Voted” stickers, Mary walks. If we don’t, Wanda eats. Meta’s leaking customers, so it’ll be shut.

It’s not simply Vote or Die. It’s Vote or She Dies. Appeals to alternative principle are enjoyable, however summary. Mary places a face on the longer term our base needs to protect with an iron fist. And Wanda’s hungry.

That stated, we’re retaining it humane. We’ve solely starved Wanda for per week, and we’ve let Mary hold her cellphone. When you approve the marketing campaign, we’ll give her Wi-Fi. Then her pleas to reside can appeal to natural engagement, the holy grail of metrics.

We haven’t even launched but, and our audience has latched onto Mary’s disappearance. Google’s high three trending searches are “My Mary’s Lacking,” “Why, Obama?” and “Black Friday Offers 2022.” And sure, Black Friday’s final.

MICHAEL: This one is so actual it may very well be a documentary, however sadly the Challenge Veritas individuals are in authorized sizzling water in the meanwhile. So, we see this one as animated.

We’re a gasoline station. The pumps have been defaced with graffiti. It’s all leftist eco-propaganda: “Save the planet,” “Local weather change is actual,” “Finish fossil fuels now!”

At one of many pumps there’s a Ford F-150. It is a true patriot’s truck. Accomplice flag painted on the hood. Blue Lives Matter mud flaps. A bumper sticker that reads: “Let’s Go Brandon.”

A person exits the truck. We’ll name him Patriot. He’s an actual American: cowboy boots, distressed American flag t-shirt, pores and skin as white as Klansmen’s robes. Patriot walks over to the pump.

Patriot: “Fifty-eight {dollars} a gallon!? Thanks for the inflation, Joe Biden.”

On the point out of “Biden,” storm clouds darken the sky. The wind howls. Patriot seems towards the gasoline station’s comfort retailer. He has a foul feeling in his intestine. One thing ominous is about to occur.

Abruptly, a bolt of blue lightning touches down, then a second later we hear an enormous thunderclap, then coughing. Patriot is coughing. There’s blue smoke in all places. Then out of the smoke comes…

Joe Biden.

Patriot: “Candy mom of Q. It’s Darkish Brandon.”

Joe Biden walks towards Patriot’s truck.

Patriot: “Avoid my truck, Darkish Brandon!”

Joe Biden brushes previous Patriot, removes the hose from the pump, and plugs it into the truck. One thing is totally different about this gasoline station. It’s all incorrect. Blue waves of electrical energy, similar to the blue lightning that signaled Joe Biden’s arrival, crisscross across the truck’s physique. The Accomplice flag on the hood turns into an American flag. The Blue Lives Matter mud flaps flip into Black Lives Matter mud flaps. The bumper sticker now reads: “Cease local weather change now, ask me how.”

Patriot: “What the what…”

Joe Biden: “It’s electrical.”

The storm clouds half. The solar comes out. Birds start to chirp.

Joe Biden: “Photo voltaic, and it’s free.”

Patriot: “Communism! Or… socialism! Or… Marxism!? It’s dangerous!”

Joe Biden: “It’s good for the surroundings.”

Patriot screams. It’s primal. And loud. Actually loud. As Patriot’s scream will get louder, we see a crooked smile creep throughout Joe Biden’s face.

Joe Biden [whispering]: “Advantages everyone, hurts no one.”

Abruptly, Patriot’s head explodes. Actually. Blood, brains, and items of cranium fall like rain round Joe Biden.

Narrator: “Don’t let Darkish Brandon and the Democrats provide you with their socialist electro-shock remedy. Vote or die!”

We’ll goal this one at truck and SUV house owners, however analysis exhibits we’ll see a powerful crossover enchantment with commuter audiences, no matter automobile desire. We’ve an animation studio out of China that’s able to make this occur.

DENNARD: Don’t say it. I can see it in your eyes: you’re not happy. You assume we gained’t die for Vote or Die.

AMRAN: You’ve clearly carried out your analysis. Libs of TikTok fan? Youngster’s play. There’s no depth we will’t — or gained’t — plumb.

MICHAEL: To arrange for this pitch, I wished to make certain there wasn’t a hidden leftist agenda lurking inside me, so I had Physician Oz take away my left kidney, left lung, and left testicle. I’m all proper.

DENNARD: See? Our creatives give all the things. Coronary heart, soul, and satisfaction. Nothing’s off the desk, it doesn’t matter what our households say. I haven’t seen mine in weeks, they usually’ve most likely left.

Don’t fear. You haven’t seen our greatest but.

MICHAEL: This one targets QAnon supporters. In line with our analysis group, there are a shit-ton of QAnon individuals on the market, together with the three of us. At Virtuosity, we’re all a little bit cuckoo-for-Q.

We open on a view of Earth from outer area. Every little thing seems tranquil, till a satellite tv for pc comes into body.

We push in on the satellite tv for pc. There’s an enormous Star of David on the satellite tv for pc.

Abruptly, the satellite tv for pc fires a shiny blue laser at Earth.

We reduce to a Passion Foyer in Ohio. The car parking zone is filled with actual American households. Purple MAGA hats, Trump bumper stickers on pickup vehicles, QAnon t-shirts, Gadsden and Accomplice flags. It’s a peaceable scene…

Till the blue laser beam scores a direct hit on the Passion Foyer.

Blue flames devour all the things in sight.

As all the things burns, we hear screams of dying patriots.

“Belief the plan.”

“We’re the storm.”

“The place we go one, we go all.”

The following day, there’s nothing left, apart from scorched rubble and charred patriot our bodies. A layer of blue smoke clings to the bottom.

We deal with a pair of black leather-based boots strolling by means of the rubble. The boots belong to a girl. At first look, you’d be forgiven for considering that this lady is a CrossFit model of Eva Braun. She is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Marjorie Taylor Greene kneels down beside a little bit lady. The lady is gasping for air. Any second now, she’ll take her final breath.

Little Woman: “Wha.. what… occur…”

The lady wheezes, tries to take a seat up, then dies.

Tenderly, Marjorie Taylor Greene closes the little lady’s eyes for the final time. Then she solutions the lady’s closing query.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Jewish area lasers.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems straight on the digital camera to deal with the viewers. Her tone is stern.

“Jewish area lasers murdered these patriots. It’s too late for them, but it surely’s not too late to save lots of America. Vote or die.”

AMRAN: We admire your headspace. You’re considering clearly. You need one thing edgy, not avant-garde. Highly effective, but refined. Extra Predator, much less Commando.

Right here we faucet the inimitable essence of cinema.

Your goal voter’s in Schenectady, New York. He’s watching the Payments versus the Patriots on Sunday Evening Soccer. It’s halftime. Right here’s the primary business he sees.

An All-American household of 4 — mother, dad and two women — are gathered on the sofa for film night time. They’re all smiles and laughs however you may’t hear them — the one audio’s a menacing violin chord. Their photogenic faces are illuminated by the massive TV in an in any other case pitch black lounge. The dad’s pointing the controller on the display. The mother’s wanting admiringly at him. The ladies are guffawing and sharing popcorn, doe-eyed and pure.

The digital camera pans over their shoulders, towards the sliding glass door within the background. It zooms into the yard. A gaggle of Black and Mexican ninjas are scaling the wall. The Black ones have Wu-Tang Ws emblazoned throughout their chests and untamed afros and dreadlocks coming out of their hoods. The Mexican ninjas carry machetes and put on Lucha Underground-inspired balaclavas and outsized sombreros.

Then, as they strategy the door we overlay a semi-transparent picture of George Soros — Vincent D’Onofrio mainly reprising his function as Marvel’s Kingpin, solely this time with a yarmulke — on the display. Voice-over supplied by Clint Eastwood kicks in:

“These are harmful occasions.

“Soros-backed Democ-RATS are Defunding the Police. They’re releasing violent animals from prisons. They’re opening our borders to dope-crazed savages, gangs of rapists, and radical guerilla Marxists.

“And so they’re coming for you, as a result of your loved ones dared to reside the American Dream.”

Kingpin Soros fades away, the digital camera floats up, out of the home and towards the sky, centering on the total moon. Because it slowly fills with blood we hear the sliding glass door shatter. There’s audible indications of a battle, then screams and lustful grunting.

When the moon’s nearly fully blood-soaked Clint Eastwood says:

“Democ-RATS gained’t shield what issues most. The selection is obvious: Vote, or be cuckolded and die.”

David Fincher’s already agreed to direct.

DENNARD: How assured am I that you simply’ll love my crown jewel? I’ve already produced it. I paid the actors, editors, and attorneys out of pocket. When you don’t find it irresistible, I’ll spend the remainder of my life chained to debt.

No strain. Have a look.



The colonial dwelling few personal, however many think about. The grass is a little bit overgrown, and beginning to jut by means of cracks within the driveway. Neighbors give it a large berth.


An ANACHRONISTIC HOUSEWIFE lies on the kitchen ground in fetal place. She’s unhurt: the ache is psychological. A pair of high-priced footwear step over her mumbling kind.

A semi-notable performer and really notable SCIENTOLOGIST takes a chair. He sits backwards, a la Stand and Ship. He’s prepared to show the individuals.


As soon as, we requested you to Vote or Die.

That was a mistake. We didn’t understand how exhausting life would grow to be.

Confinement. Disrespect. Alternative. Daily, your imaginative and prescient of tomorrow declines. The enjoyment of watching your kids develop shrivels earlier than dread for the world they’ll inherit.

That’s assuming there’s a world, and your kids survive to inherit it. You’ve entered uncertainty, a state extra painful than most outcomes. Some would give something to flee it.

The courageous escape right into a trigger, or delusion, or each. However you’re not courageous. That’s why you’re taking orders on when and the place to lash out. You’re mud in an enormous world. A world set towards you and your individuals from the start, for sins dedicated earlier than your lifetime. What you want is an exit.

Lots of you need to die. And we’ll solely allow you to after you vote.

We’ve surgeons. Nutritionists. Consultants on cutting-edge biotechnology, bordering on the posthuman. Every little thing we have to hold you alive for a protracted, very long time.

And we’ll, until you fulfill your civic responsibility.

The world’s come a good distance from the iron lung. With right this moment’s medication, most cancers solely dooms high quality of life. We are able to protect the human, lengthy after the humanity is gone. As a result of whereas not each life issues, each vote does.

Keep in mind who did this to you. Why not pay them again earlier than you go?

Make your remaining life imply one thing. Get on the market, push the cart of empire ahead, after which lie down. We’ll have what we’d like from you.

Vote and Die. Be free.


DENNARD: What do you need? You’re choosy for a lifeless man’s sidekick. That is the place the nation’s going. You may get on board, or get run over. Don’t give me any shit about artistic integrity. Your final album sucked, similar to the remaining. You rap like a decide ordered it.

Oh, you favored that one? Wonderful.

MICHAEL: Lastly, a consumer who will get it!

AMRAN: A sensible alternative. Executing your imaginative and prescient makes promoting out completely value it. The cash’s not half dangerous both.

DENNARD: You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with. Now I’m sure you by no means put successful out on anybody. And for those who did, they deserved it. Photographs?


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