Tune Overview: Snow Man – Juicy

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Snow Man - JuicyIt’s been fascinating to observe Johnny’s & Associates navigate the digital world and determine how they need to have interaction with it. Older followers can keep in mind a not-too-distant time when official YouTube uploads had been the stuff of untamed goals. We nonetheless get loads of (irritating) quick music video edits, however an increasing number of the company is embracing the digital market. And now, they’ve accomplished their very own model of a shock music drop, importing a brand new music and video from certainly one of their flagship teams. No forewarning was given, aside from a nebulous YouTube teaser. Sure, Johnny’s does teasers now, too!

As noteworthy as that is, the factor I discover most fascinating about Snow Man’s Juicy is simply how intently it adheres to tropes and sounds ubiquitous in fashionable Ok-pop. The video itself has a shiny veneer, however the songwriting feels significantly acquainted. This contains overused musical pet peeves certain to get me fuming, such because the dreaded “second verse tempo shift,” and a fab, anti-drop refrain.

Johnny’s predates what we now name “Ok-pop” and set the blueprint for a lot of its eventual dominance. However as a result of the company has been so Japan-focused for therefore lengthy, Ok-pop now turns into a pure competitor for worldwide consideration if Johnny’s decides to actively search out a wider world viewers. This push and pull intrigues me, and I’m desperate to see how these forces work in dialog (or fight) throughout the following few years.

Anyway, again to the precise music. Juicy is a nice Snow Man monitor, although it feels as if its edges have been smoothed in favor of delivering most hit potential. The group coated related floor in a extra colourful manner on final yr’s Sugar, however their indelible persona offers Juicy character regardless of its generic leanings. As a primer for the group, it’s a mild introduction. It lacks the quirk of their greatest work, but hugs the listener in a wall of funky synth and ingratiating melody. And if nothing else, it offers the blokes a possibility to dress up and dance on high of tables in a flowery membership. No person might be mad about that!

 Hooks 8
 Manufacturing 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


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