Track Evaluation: Xdinary Heroes – Hair Minimize

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Xdinary Heroes - Hair CutGenerally it feels as if the Okay-pop business is toying with their followers – seeing simply how awkward a music they’ll drive upon us. This yr, no company has been guiltier than JYP. From NMIXX’s mixx-pop excursions to ITZY’s footwear fantasies to Stray Children’ ping ping pings, it’s as if everybody on the company is engaged in the identical merciless joke. Good on them, I suppose. That joke makes a giant punchline with Xdinary Heroes’ Hair Minimize.

On a constructive observe, I respect how Xdinary Heroes aren’t enjoying issues protected. They’ve carved their very own path, removed from most earlier idol bands from notable businesses. I’ve no want to affix them down that path, however I give them credit score for his or her sheer weirdness. Weirdness might be nice. It must be celebrated in all its stunning kinds. However, you’ve gotta give me a music I can work with.

Hair Minimize is… a selection. Really, it’s loads of decisions — from the incessant cackling to the snipping scissor sound results. I’d advise somebody at JYP Headquarters to make off with the inventory sound results library, pronto. The lyrical conceit of chopping one’s hair to alter perspective and fortune is a Okay-pop staple (reveals a and b), however we’ve by no means heard it funneled by way of carnival-like psychedelic rock earlier than.

Oh, who am I kidding? Hair Minimize’s refrain is actually “get a hair minimize, get a hair minimize – minimize, minimize, minimize” carried out with some bizarre, drawling vocal fry. I’ve a fairly large musical creativeness, however that hook alone disqualifies the music from my playlist. Like ITZY’s Sneakers, it feels so apparent and gimmicky. And because of its plodding power, it’s half as enjoyable. That refrain lands with a thud, and never a satisfying one. I assume it’s attempting to be intelligent, but it surely comes throughout like an arm-farty plead for consideration. It’s simply actually, actually dumb. That may very well be an asset in the appropriate arms, however like so many of those current novelty songs, Hair Minimize appears to take itself fairly significantly.

Hooks 4
 Manufacturing 7
 Longevity 5
 Bias 3
 RATING 4.75

Grade: F


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