The Strolling Lifeless Retcons Alpha’s Whisperer Origin

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The Strolling Lifeless simply backtracked on Alpha’s Whisperer origin, leaving uncertainty over which story is canon. Samantha Morton debuted as Alpha, chief of the Whisperers, in The Strolling Lifeless season 9. Largely genuine to Robert Kirkman’s comedian guide creation, Morton’s creepy efficiency was broadly praised by audiences and critics for effortlessly capturing Alpha’s inner battle between monster and mom.

Alpha will get killed by Negan in The Strolling Lifeless season 10, however Tales of the Strolling Lifeless brings Samantha Morton again to the apocalypse for «Dee» – an episode title referencing Alpha’s true identify. Set someday after Alpha killed her husband, however earlier than she turned a Whisperer, Tales of the Strolling Lifeless episode 3 reveals Dee and a youthful Lydia (as soon as once more performed by Scarlett Blum) cohabiting with a very-obviously-doomed paddle boat group. When this group inevitably falls, solely Alpha and Lydia escape.


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That is the place Tales of the Strolling Lifeless abruptly drifts from canon waters. The ultimate moments of «Dee» reveal how Alpha met the Whisperers and tease what the group was like earlier than she took over. These new particulars match current The Strolling Lifeless canon about in addition to Lydia’s sneakers would match Beta.

The Strolling Lifeless Already Revealed Some Of Alpha’s Backstory

The Strolling Lifeless season 10’s «We Are The Finish Of The World» encompasses a string of flashbacks set 7 years earlier than the primary timeline. Alpha and Lydia have been touring alone, clearly surviving by the… err, pores and skin of their tooth. Having already discovered how one can transfer silently inside a zombie horde, the mom and daughter took refuge in a hospital the place they met the person who’d later change into referred to as Beta. After a tense introduction, Beta turned reliant on his new good friend. Tearing the face off a liked one’s zombified corpse, Beta left with Alpha and Lydia.

Although the small print are imprecise, The Strolling Lifeless‘s «We Are The Finish Of The World» very closely implies that is how the Whisperers began. By the point she met Beta, Alpha had already developed her nihilistic philosophy and change into snug transferring among the many useless, even telling her new companion, «Stroll with me, and you may by no means be alone once moreThe Strolling Lifeless overtly hints that Beta was Alpha’s first follower, they usually shaped the Whisperers based mostly round darkish beliefs she already held.

«Dee» Ending Defined – Alpha DIDN’T Begin The Whisperers

As evidenced by Alpha’s coiffure and references to Lydia’s father dying not lengthy prior, Tales of the Strolling Lifeless episode 3 should happen earlier than The Strolling Lifeless season 10‘s Beta hospital flashback. Upon escaping the paddle boat, Alpha and Lydia encounter a bunch of proto-Whisperers in a forest clearing. Led by the mysterious Hera, these early Whisperers are already carrying the pores and skin masks, making creepy noises, and hiding among the many bushes – all extraordinarily acquainted traits of the Whisperers from The Strolling Lifeless seasons 9 and 10. Alpha and Lydia are taken in by these mysterious ghouls, and it is subsequently revealed that Alpha challenged Hera, took her place as chief, and wore her face as a masks.

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«Dee» would not correlate with «We Are The Finish Of The World» in any respect. If Alpha and Lydia have been already Whisperers once they met Beta in hospital, why have been they touring alone and searching for shelter… with out masks? Tales of the Strolling Lifeless additionally retcons The Strolling Lifeless season 9‘s «Omega,» which confirmed Alpha within the zombie apocalypse’s early days preaching a nihilistic worldview and killing anybody who would possibly drag her down, husband included. Her perspective right here completely mirrored the Whisperers’ philosophy, which implied the villainous group was Alpha’s creation. As an alternative, Tales of the Strolling Lifeless claims Alpha randomly bumps into an current group who really feel precisely the identical manner she does…

When Alpha met Beta, she first referred to him as «Huge Man,» then «Mr. Huge,» then «B.» When he requested what that will make her, she replied «A.» This dialog is clearly the origin of how Alpha and Beta acquired their names, and drops a giant clue that Alpha was the first Whisperer chief.

Can Tales Of The Strolling Lifeless Episode 3 Be Canon?

The Strolling Lifeless followers should carry out continuity gymnastics to make «Dee» match Alpha’s current backstory. Perhaps Hera despatched Alpha on a mission to recruit new members, and all the pieces in season 10’s Beta flashback was an act designed to sway him to their trigger. In the identical vein, Alpha would possibly’ve been ejected from the Whisperers for a time, then returned with Beta to imagine management. Evidently, this is not how The Strolling Lifeless‘s «We Are The Finish Of The World» was initially written, however it’s the one manner each episodes can exist inside the similar canon. One other risk is that Alpha is The Strolling Lifeless‘s model of DC’s Joker – an unreliable narrator with an ever-changing backstory, which was really implied by Lydia’s false recollections in season 9’s «Omega.»

A less complicated clarification may be to easily cease contemplating Tales of the Strolling Lifeless canon. «Dee» is the spinoff’s solely episode immediately linked to the primary sequence, and it blatantly contradicts established lore. After the time loop antics of episode 2, Tales of the Strolling Lifeless feels extra like a «what if…?» anthology than an extension of The Strolling Lifeless‘s prime universe.


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