‘The Rings of Energy’ Season One Finale: The Greatest Fan Theories, Defined

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As of the tip of episode 7, Galadriel and Halbrand are on their approach from Mordor to fulfill the elves. Maybe that is how he meets Celebrimbor. After which when he does, he’ll casually say to Celebrimbor, “hey, that’s a reasonably good forge. I’ve some suggestions for the way to enhance it. Oh, and take a look at utilizing that Dwarven mithril to vogue rings.” Ending the season this fashion (which is how I think it would conclude) can be a cleverer solution to reward the followers for his or her attentiveness to the clues and non-Tolkien followers are none-the-wiser. Whether or not Halbrand is revealed as Sauron (assuming this concept is true) on the finish of the season remains to be unclear, although I’m really inclined to say he’ll not be outed as Sauron formally (although I think one thing will occur that confirms to at the least the followers that their theorizing was correct).

The Meteor Man’s Identification (and the Eminem Clergymen)

I have to admit that I really thought Meteor Man was Sauron on the finish of episode one (although I rapidly modified this opinion). Nevertheless, the fanbase appears to have moved away from this concept and are deciding on a few concepts for who he’s. One concept that’s gained plenty of traction is that Meteor Man is Gandalf. Within the mythology, Gandalf is a Maiar Spirit. Tolkien’s mythology consists of hierarchies of angels. On the high is God (Eru Iluvatar). Then the Valar, who’re extra akin to the Greek gods (there’s a Valar of the ocean, of nature, and so on) who reside in Valinor within the far west (the place the primary scene came about). Then, there are the Maiar. Sauron is at this rank, as are balrogs and the wizards (Gandalf, Saruman). Gandalf can also be related to the component of fireside. His reward as a spirit is to kindle heat within the hearts of others, which we see a number of instances within the unique motion pictures. And he has some ability with precise hearth. Assume again to his fireworks within the Shire and his potential to face towards a balrog on the bridge of Khazad Dum. Additionally, keep in mind his speech on that bridge? “I’m a servant of the key hearth, wielder of the flame of Anor. The darkish hearth is not going to avail you, flame of Udun!” A lot hearth imagery! 

So, it’s no shock followers are speculating the Meteor Man is Gandalf. There’s truthful proof to help this concept. Meteor Man arrives in a literal fireball from the skies. He appears to have some magical relationship with hearth. His first phrases after waking from the crater are roughly translated as “What’s hearth?” And he is ready to manipulate a gaggle of fireflies to indicate the celebrities he’s looking for.


There’s plenty of evil power round this man. When Nori finds him in his crater, she notes that the fireplace isn’t heat in any respect. I’m reminded of how Galadriel’s torches didn’t give off warmth in Sauron’s deserted fortress. Additionally, these pleasant fireflies dropped lifeless after Meteor Man used them. Then, there was the incident with Meteor Man freezing his arm to heal himself, when he inadvertently scared Nori. There’s undoubtedly one thing elemental about Meteor Man, and he’s doubtless a part of the Maiar. The query is who? One primary knock towards the Gandalf concept is that Tolkien particularly states that Gandalf got here to Center Earth within the Third Age, not the Second. Nevertheless, there are literally 5 wizards (often called Istari within the books), and two of them got here to Center Earth within the Second Age.

This brings us to the Eminem monks.


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