The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 Episode 9 Evaluation – Domino

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After we first see The Orville and her crew, they’re part of a big defensive phalanx of Union ships in place round Xelaya to battle an oncoming Kaylon power. When the Kaylons arrive, the Orville is the lynchpin of the defensive effort as they’ve developed a brand new weapon (merely known as ‘the system’ for many of the episode) which triggers an overload within the Kaylon community’s relays. Powered by the Quantum drive, the system overloads the Kaylon ships and obliterates their vessels. Whereas a brand new menace comes within the Moclan/Krill alliance, the Union can breathe just a little simpler realizing that they might have one other menace below management. 

When the crew from the Orville, together with Ensign Burke (Anne Winters), Isaac (Mark Jackson), and Captain Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) meet with the Union Admiralty, they focus on the implication of this weapon, as soon as once more addressing the problem of morality. For the reason that weapon’s vary, if given a big sufficient vitality supply, is seemingly limitless, the Union questions whether or not it ought to be used as a deterrent, or to finish the Kaylon as soon as and for all. When Admiral Perry (visitor star Ted Danson) suggests they get rid of the Kaylon, Mercer is the primary to name that offense for what it’s: genocide. 

After the Admiralty convenes, it’s determined that The Orville and Admiral Halsey (Victor Garber) ought to try to fulfill with the Kaylon to debate a ceasefire, for the reason that race of synthetic beings may have no selection however to conform to their phrases. When The Orville arrives at Kaylon 1, they need to use the weapon twice in a large show of damaging energy earlier than the Kaylon agree to fulfill, and ultimately, conform to the phrases of a treaty. 

At roughly the midway level of the episode, it does appear that “Domino” goes to lean in direction of being a extra politically pushed episode, regardless of seeing interludes of The Orville decimating Kaylon ships and lowering them to shattered items. But, the writers this season have confirmed again and again that “stability” was a phrase undoubtedly thrown across the author’s room after they had been drafting the scripts. 

Nonetheless feeling the uneasiness of the looming Krill/Moclan alliance, the Union, in a little bit of dramatic irony maybe, feels just a little safe for the primary time in years. That’s, till the system is stolen from Union Headquarters and shuttled away into the depths of area. It’s revealed that Admiral Perry and a small group of Union defectors are giving the weapon to Teleya and the Moclans to do what the Union couldn’t, and get rid of the Kaylon completely. 

Because the Admiral boards his shuttle and begins to fly away, Teleya fires on the shuttle, citing the truth that the Union doesn’t have to know concerning the new alliance or that they’re those with the weapon simply but. It could be delaying the inevitable, nevertheless it nonetheless offers them extra time to arrange the weapon.


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