The 4 Greatest Hip Extension Workouts

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If you wish to transfer extra powerfully and stop damage, it’s time to include hip extensions into your train routine.

So, what’s a hip extension?

It’s any motion powered by your hip extensors — the muscle tissue that lengthen the entrance of your hip throughout actions like strolling, getting up from a chair, operating, and leaping.

“The stronger these muscle tissue are, the extra highly effective these actions might be,” says Jasmine Marcus, PT, DPT, CSCS, a power and conditioning specialist and bodily therapist in Ithaca, NY.

Plus, having sturdy hip extensors ensures these muscle tissue are in a position to do their job with out counting on different muscle tissue to kick in, which may in the end assist to forestall ache and damage.

What Muscle tissue Do Hip Extensions Goal?

There are two star gamers concerned in hip extension workout routines: the gluteus maximus and the hamstring muscle tissue, Marcus says.

The gluteus maximus is your meaty butt muscle. It’s additionally the largest and strongest muscle in your physique.

Its predominant perform is to increase your hip, although it additionally works to rotate your thighs outward.

The hamstrings, in the meantime, are comprised of three muscle tissue at the back of every thigh.

Their major features are to flex the knee and prolong the hip, in order that they play a serious function in locomotion and decrease physique energy manufacturing.

Listed here are 4 of the very best hip extension workout routines you are able to do to strengthen these key muscle tissue.

1. Quadruped hip extension

Often known as donkey kicks, the essential hip extension is a tried-and-true hip extension train that primarily targets the gluteus maximus.

Nevertheless, the 2 smaller glute muscle tissue (the gluteus medius and minimus) and the hamstrings kick in to help.

  • Start on all fours in tabletop place.
  • Holding your arms straight and each knees bent 90 levels, squeeze your glutes and press your proper sole towards the ceiling as you increase your proper thigh up. Preserve a 90 diploma bend within the knee.
  • Pause briefly on the prime of the motion, after which decrease your proper knee gently again right down to the bottom. Do all reps on one facet earlier than switching to the opposite.

2. Glute bridge

glute bridge demonstration | hip extension exercises

Because the title suggests, the glute bridge zeroes in on…the glutes. Plus, it presents a pleasant hip flexor stretch on the prime to unlock better mobility.

  • Lie in your again together with your knees bent and ft flat on the ground, hip-width aside. Choice to loop a band round your thighs, as present within the video above.
  • Press into the bottom together with your heels and squeeze your glutes to boost your hips off the ground.
  • Pause on the prime earlier than reducing your hips again right down to the ground with management. Repeat for reps.
  • To get extra glute medius activation, loop a resistance band round your legs simply above the knees.

3. Strolling lunge

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Like different lunge variations, the strolling lunge works your quads (the muscle tissue within the entrance of your thighs) and glutes. Nevertheless, the ahead movement of the strolling lunge additionally targets the hamstrings and calves.

  • Stand tall with ft hip-width aside and maintain a pair of dumbbells at arm’s size down by your sides.
  • Take a giant step ahead together with your proper foot and bend each knees till your entrance thigh is parallel to the ground and your again knee is bent 90 levels.
  • Pause briefly. Then, push by way of your left foot to step into your subsequent lunge. Proceed alternating legs with every step, ensuring to finish an equal variety of steps/reps per facet.

4. Standing hip extension

standing hip extension | Hip Extension Exercises

This easy train will hearth up the glutes and hamstrings. As a bonus, you are able to do the body weight model virtually wherever.

  • Stand tall with palms on hips (or, if wanted, place your palms on a counter or chair for help). To make the transfer more durable, wrap a resistance loop round your ankles.
  • Holding each legs straight, squeeze your proper glute and push your proper leg again till your foot is a couple of inches off the ground.
  • Maintain briefly, then reverse the motion to return to beginning place. Do all reps on one facet earlier than switching to the opposite.


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