Teen TV Exhibits Deal with Demise With Care, Grace, & Nuance

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This expectation would already be powerful sufficient to deal with for anybody, however coupled with the customarily unwavering must not need to really feel just like the odd one out, it may be a troublesome terrain to navigate. “Teenagers need to be accepted, and their friendships are extremely vital to them, and sometimes they don’t need to seem totally different, which means that they suppress how they really really feel as they worry being rejected,” Kenny says. To these on the surface, it would look like these characters are “getting over” their grief by resuming their regular lives, like going again to highschool the day after a demise. As we’ve seen in reveals like Degrassi and flicks like 2022’s The Fallout, this may have detrimental results. In The Fallout, Vada  makes use of medicine as a solution to cope after a college taking pictures, earlier than in the end in search of assist for her PTSD. When her boyfriend Campbell dies by suicide in Degrassi, Maya Matlin returns to highschool and her cello practices. She pretends that nothing occurred, frightened of being related to — or blamed — for his demise.


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