Submit-Thanksgiving Bloat Is Regular (However It Doesn’t Have To Final)

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Dietary supplements with sure forms of fiber (e.g., inulin and fructooligosaccharides (FOS), aka oligofructose) might trigger extra fuel and bloat—particularly you probably have pre-existing intestine well being considerations. 

“Some fibers, like inulin, are fast-fermenting fibers. They produce fuel rapidly, leading to bloat. Different fibers, corresponding to guar fiber, ferment slowly and don’t produce fuel or bloat,”* explains Michael Lelah, Ph.D., chief science officer at NutriScience®.

mindbodygreen’s premium natural fiber efficiency+ method delivers an efficacious six-gram dose of guar fiber (which has been clinically proven to assist relieve fuel and bloating), plus gut-supporting components kiwifruit and Bacillus subtilis MB40 (which have been proven to ease bloat3 and promote gastric and stomach consolation4).*

“Dietary supplements which are specifically formulated with slow-fermenting prebiotic fibers gained’t improve fuel and bloating,”* Lelah resolves.

Along with fiber kind, you additionally must be conscious of simply how a lot dietary fiber you’re including to your day by day routine—and, how rapidly. 

“Within the brief time period, having an excessive amount of fiber or growing your consumption too rapidly with out additionally growing your water consumption also can contribute to fuel and bloating,” says registered dietitian Jess Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN. She recommends growing fiber consumption steadily, ingesting further water, and shifting your physique to assist ease bloat and promote GI consolation.


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