Star Wars Lastly Fixes Prequel Period Plot Gap That Harm Authentic Trilogy

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The influence of this twist on the way forward for Star Wars can’t be overstated. The reveal that Luke and Leia are associated would go on to affect many extra tales set after the Authentic Trilogy, each within the traditional Legends continuity and the present Disney canon. However this additionally set the stage for one of many key storylines of the Prequel Trilogy. Not solely did Lucas’ second trilogy want to finish with the delivery of the Skywalker twins and Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader however it wanted to elucidate what occurred to Luke and Leia’s mom — and why solely Leia remembered Padme…

It was finally 2005’s Revenge of the Sith that tackled all of those plot strains, and whereas the ultimate Prequel movie gave largely passable solutions relating to the origins of Luke, Leia, and Vader, it additionally created one significantly controversial plot gap that Star Wars followers have debated ever since.

If Padme Amidala died giving delivery to Luke and Leia, how can the Princess of Alderaan keep in mind something about her in any respect by the point of Return of the Jedi (which takes place virtually 25 years after Revenge of the Sith on the Star Wars timeline)? Did Revenge of the Sith by chance contradict this pivotal scene in Return of the Jedi, ruining a traditional Authentic Trilogy second?

An upcoming Star Wars novel referred to as The Princess and the Scoundrel, which is written by Beth Revis and takes place hours after Return of the Jedi, lastly addresses this plot gap and even fixes it — from a sure perspective. In an excerpt from the ebook printed on, we get to take a deep dive into Leia’s innermost ideas about her actual household, whereas attempting to course of the dying of Darth Vader within the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. It’s right here that we lastly get an evidence for the way Leia can recall reminiscences of Padme from Revenge of the Sith.

“When she had spoken to Luke earlier this evening, Leia had informed him that she remembered the mom they shared, their delivery mom. It had been obscure photographs, emotions, actually, nothing extra,” Revis writes within the scene. “However she did have a reminiscence — of affection, of closeness, of issues she couldn’t describe. It was inconceivable to place her emotions into phrases, however there was no denying their fact. It felt like… a connection, a bond made of sunshine.”

Merely put, Leia’s recollection of her mom was solely doable by the Power. What Leia remembers about Padme is definitely what she senses about her mom in Padme’s closing minutes of life: the “love, closeness, and a bond made of sunshine” she and Padme share for a number of temporary moments in Revenge of the Sith. This goes a protracted option to again up Leia’s response to Luke in Return of the Jedi that she solely remembers “photographs” and “emotions” about their mom. And the unhappiness Leia senses could seek advice from Padme “dropping the need” to stay (an extremely terrible option to kill off the character on this author’s opinion) after giving delivery to the twins.


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