Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 15 Assessment: Masquerade

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Hologram Janeway units up the theme of Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 Episode 15 when she warns Dal as he leads the away workforce all the way down to Noble Isle, «If it is too good to be true, it in all probability is.»

This finally ends up making use of to people like Okona and Asencia, know-how like Dr. Jago’s, and simplistic options just like the orders given by Admiral Jellico (insert spherical of boos and hisses).

However the fact will out, and whereas the jury’s out on Asencia’s bomb of a reveal, our younger crew feels stronger for Dal studying about his origins and Murf taking the literal subsequent step in his growth.

Additionally, who had a Romulan Tal Shiar hit squad on their bingo card? Had been they on board the ship that halted the Dauntless? Or have been they known as in as quickly as they intercepted Janeway’s message to Jellico in regards to the Protostar?

First, an admiral. Now, a Romulan hit squad? Who’re you guys?


Our little gang undoubtedly is aware of tips on how to make an impression.

I am actually having fun with the route the Protostar is taking to get again to the Federation. With the Enderprizian planet, Denaxi Depot, and now Noble Isle star port, we have not been so up shut with non-Federation settlements because the Delta Quadrant days of Captain Janeway’s Voyager.

Noble Isle jogs my memory a little bit of Deep House 9 in its wild-frontier-meets-wilder-technology really feel.

Dr. Jago is sort of a science-focused Ferengi in her single-mindedness. If the Guidelines of Acquisition may very well be utilized to scientific development with no regulation or oversight, Jago could be Grand Nagus.

There’s a cause Starfleet has legal guidelines about scientific experimentation. If it’s too good to be true, it in all probability is.

Hologram Janeway

Along with her eye for genetic modification, we do not have to attend for Dal to current himself to Federation scientists to seek out out why his DNA is classed.

As a human increase, he is a product of the Soong legacy.

Arik Soong, the disgraced geneticist Captain Archer recruited and ostensibly reformed in Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4, left acolytes who continued his experiments into genetic manipulation properly after Soong claimed to have moved on to engaged on creating synthetic life.

As a human increase, Dal’s existence is outlawed by the Federation, which banned genetic engineering within the aftermath of the Eugenics Wars.

This bodes poorly for Dal’s dream of becoming a member of Starfleet.

Dal’s already proven moments of insecurity and uncertainty concerning their mission and his personal sense of self.

Okona’s maturity, confidence, and charisma solely serve to intensify his shaky command confidence.

Y’know, for somebody who’s been on our ship for such a short while, it stings that the crew’s taken to him so rapidly. However I get it. I imply, have a look at him. He is aware of who he’s. And what am I? Just a few good-looking, long-lost child with questions. However, someday, I’ll discover out the place I got here from.


It additionally would not assist to have a mind-reading crewmember with a poor verbal filter.

I’m sensing our captain is – what’s the expression? – completely clueless.


So it isn’t shocking that Dal takes Dr. Jago up on the implant. In any case, she guarantees — even advertises that — her know-how can unlock his greatest self.

And whereas Dal’s main impulse could also be pushed by vainness and jealousy, I consider he additionally thinks a greater Dal advantages the Protostar and can make him a greater captain. Particularly, after all, higher than Okona.

In the meantime, Murf’s new type begins out as clumsily harmful to the crew however seems to be successfully deadly to those that pose a menace to his pals.

Greatest candidate ever for Safety Chief, certainly.

It is fascinating to notice that the present’s creators took a creature talked about ONCE earlier than in Trek canon as a random insult on Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology Season 1 Episode 19 and actualized one of the intriguing species ever launched.

I, for one, look ahead to a future episode dedicated to a day within the lifetime of Murf. Think about approaching the world as an indestructible, bipedal, utterly malleable, sentient creature with endless pleasure and curiosity. Severely. Make it so.

Lastly, to finish our triumvirate of unmaskings, WHAT THE HELL, Asencia?

From keen ensign to useful aide to SECRET VAU N’AKAT spy?

I am making numerous assumptions to clarify away the plot gap shenanigans that pop into my head when contemplating how a person whose species is unknown to the Federation database may insinuate herself into the bridge crew of Vice Admiral Janeway.

Particularly with a Chief Medical Officer as thorough and nit-picky as Dr. Noum.

State of affairs 1: Ensign Asencia was, sooner or later, a younger feminine Trill Starfleet officer. The Vau N’Akat agent traveled again in time, killed her, and took her place utilizing the implanted camouflage tech.

State of affairs 2: The Vau N’Akat agent arrived sooner or later sooner than Asencia’s Starfleet entrance, entered the Academy disguised as an unpaired Trill feminine, and managed to faux her method via her courses, mission assignments, and medical exams.

Yeah, State of affairs 1’s my guess, too.

Then we’ve to think about how she hid a Drednok unit onboard this entire time.

I do not even know the place to start with that.

Does each Vau N’Akat time journey with a Drednok? Are all of them as imperious as The Diviner’s was?

Will this present memory-addled Diviner signal again on with the Vau N’Akat’s plot to pre-emptively destroy the Federation earlier than they will make first contact with their society?

If the Federation can’t abide by the rule of legislation, we’re no higher than the very forces we oppose.

Vice Admiral Janeway

Does anybody else assume Gwyn’s Heirloom fretwork weapon would be the reply to deactivating the Residing Assemble? Only a thought.

Additionally, did anybody else assume the Vau N’Akat agent sounded much more like Gwyn when she modified from Asencia’s Trill type? It is in all probability simply Jameela Jamil exhibiting off her vocal vary, nevertheless it was dramatically spooky all the identical.

Issues simply preserving get extra thrilling out right here, people.

How will issues unfold on the Dauntless now that Asencia’s revealed her true identification?

Will Okona return and redeem himself?

The place will the Protostar head subsequent? They’re within the Beta Quadrant now. How will they handle to keep away from hails from Federation vessels? Or will they maintain hiding out within the Impartial Zone?

Does anybody assume the Tal Shiar are going to surrender after getting their butts kicked by a human increase and a slime worm?

Not an opportunity.

Beam your predictions all the way down to the feedback part! No concern. No judgment. Let’s get speaking!

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