Snorlax Pokémon GO: Raid Information (Counters, Movesets)

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To beat Snorlax in Pokémon GO’s upcoming three-star Raid, gamers will want hard-hitting Pokémon with robust Combating-type strikes in an effort to succeed.

Throughout Pokémon GO’s Grasping Gluttons occasion, gamers will be capable to battle the Regular-type Pokémon Snorlax in three-star Raids of their native Gyms. First launched as one of many authentic 151 Pokémon, Snorlax is well-known amongst followers for its tendency to sleep in inconvenient places, blocking gamers from progressing additional in a number of Pokémon video games throughout the generations. Nevertheless, whereas its often mellow and sleepy nature has made it standard with followers, it’s additionally a difficult and tough-to-beat Raid Pokémon in Pokémon GO. As such, gamers will need to assemble a workforce of robust Combating-type Pokémon to battle this explicit heavy hitter and reap the rewards.


Pokémon GO’s Grasping Gluttons occasion will run from November ninth by means of to November twenty third, shining the highlight on the franchise’s strongest and heaviest Pokémon. Except for showing extra incessantly within the wild, Snorlax can even seem as a three-star Raid Pokémon in gamers’ native Gyms throughout this time. A Pokémon GO Raid happens when a Pokémon takes over a Fitness center, permitting gamers to collect collectively and battle it to obtain particular rewards and an opportunity at including a uncommon Pokémon to their collections. In distinction to five-star raids and Mega Raids, expert Pokémon Trainers will doubtless be capable to sort out a three-star Raid solo, so long as they’ve a full roster of Pokémon with the right kind matchups.

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The Greatest Counters & Movesets For Snorlax In Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go Sleeping Snorlax Official Art

As a Regular-type Pokémon, Snorlax is proof against Ghost-type strikes, so gamers ought to keep away from Ghost-type Pokémon corresponding to Pokémon GO’s Mega Banette. Because the Regular-type is just weak to the Combating-type, gamers ought to usually prioritize hard-hitting Combating-type Pokémon. Nevertheless, Snorlax has a wide range of completely different movesets, a few of which embody Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Floor, and even Combating-type strikes, making discovering good matchups difficult. In keeping with Pokébattler, these Pokémon are among the many finest counters gamers can embody when going through Snorlax:

Pokemon Moveset Notes
Shadow Machamp Quick Transfer: Counter Charged Transfer: Dynamic Punch Machamp has a number of movesets with highly effective Combating-type strikes that do supereffective harm to the Regular-type Snorlax. Nevertheless, gamers ought to be careful for Snorlax’s Zen Headbutt, a Psychic-type transfer that can do further harm to Machamp.
Mega Alakazam Quick Transfer: Counter Charged Transfer: Focus Blast Gamers can receive Mega Alakazam in Pokémon GO’s Mega Alakazam Raid. Whereas it might be taught robust Combating-type strikes, gamers ought to be cautious of Snorlax’s Ghost-type Lick transfer, which is able to do supereffective harm towards Mega Alakazam.
Shadow Hariyama Quick Transfer: Counter Charged Transfer: Dynamic Punch A tough-hitting pure Combating-type Pokémon. Gamers ought to be cautious of Zen Headbutt as Psychic-type strikes do further harm to Combating-type Pokémon.
Lucario Quick Transfer: Counter Charged Transfer: Aura Sphere Lucario’s Combating/Metal typing means it’s weak to Combating and Floor-type strikes. Nevertheless, though Snorlax can use each Superpower (Combating-type) and Earthquake (Floor-type), each strikes solely hardly ever seem. As well as, Lucario can usually resist Snorlax’s Regular, Psychic, Ghost, Stee,l, and Dragon-type strikes.
Conkeldurr Quick Transfer: Counter Conkeldurr is certainly one of Pokémon GO’s strongest Combating-type Pokémon as a result of its moveset and excessive assault stat. Nevertheless, gamers ought to be careful for Snorlax’s Zen Headbutt Psychic-type transfer.

Pokémon GO’s Snorlax will be tough to sort out as a result of assorted moveset that permits it to deal tremendous efficient harm towards Combating-type Pokémon. Usually talking, gamers ought to prioritize their hardest hitters and unconventional picks in a Snorlax Raid, as they might discover themselves partaking in an intense battle of attrition. Gamers also needs to contemplate enjoying with buddies, as Pokémon GO’s three-star raids are much less difficult when a number of gamers take part.

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