Ron Johnson Reveals He’s Robust On Crime By Hanging Bread Thief In City Sq.

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Image for article titled Ron Johnson Shows He’s Tough On Crime By Hanging Bread Thief In Town Square

RACINE, WI—Locked in a good reelection race and wanting to persuade voters of his bona fides as a law-and-order candidate, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) demonstrated he was powerful on crime Thursday by hanging an accused bread thief in a Wisconsin city sq.. “All ye of fine morals and wonderful advantage, collect now upon the village inexperienced and watch as this despicable younger man faces the gallows for his brazen theft of a loaf of bread,” stated Johnson, claiming the 11-year-old should face the final word punishment for allegedly stealing what gave the impression to be a crust of sourdough. “Pilfering the wares of a law-abiding baker is a wanton act of criminality and have to be met with pressure, lest others of questionable character start to suppose they could do the identical. Let his decapitated head be positioned upon a pike so that each one ye who attend the farmers market held right here each different Saturday keep in mind what we do to depraved scofflaws within the state of Wisconsin.” After finishing up the execution, Johnson was reportedly knowledgeable by witnesses that the bread had come free with a meal the boy’s household had ordered at a close-by restaurant.


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