Rehearsal pictures for Horse-Play – There Ought To Be Clowns

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Try these rehearsal photographs by Danny Kaan of Riverside Studios’ upcoming Horse-Play, written by Ian Hallard

After ten years of married life, Tom and Tim determine to boost their intercourse life by reserving a night in a dungeon with a beautiful male escort. In the meantime, crime-busting superhero, the Stallion, and his intrepid side-kick, Butterfly, have been lured to the key lair of their arch-nemesis: the dastardly Villainor.

However what connects these two seemingly random occasions?

One factor’s for positive: a bump on the top and a defective door lock lead to an evening none of them will ever overlook – for all of the flawed causes!

Horse-Play is a hilarious new comedy exploring the kinkier aspect of life. 

The present runs 30 August – 24 September 2022


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