Putin Stays Up Late Continuously Refreshing Web site For Outcomes From Rigged Elections

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Image for article titled Putin Stays Up Late Constantly Refreshing Website For Results From Rigged Elections

MOSCOW—Clicking forwards and backwards between the open tabs on his internet browser, Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly stayed up late Friday night time, always refreshing an internet site to examine for outcomes from a rigged referendum to find out whether or not occupied areas of Ukraine would be part of Russia. “I already know what’s going to occur, however I nonetheless get tremendous anxious ready to see the outcomes of preordained elections,” stated Putin, pacing round his bed room for just a few seconds earlier than speeding again to the pc display for updates on the annexation vote being overseen in a battle zone by Russian authorities. “I imply, I inflated the vote counts for my aspect and ordered troops to power dissenters to avoid the polls, however I’m only a junky watching this stuff. Annexation is forward now and can win by a big margin as a result of I have already got the outcomes proper right here in my hand, however I nonetheless get these butterflies in my abdomen like something might occur.” At press time, Putin was screaming at officers for congratulating him earlier than the polls closed in case they jinxed the outcomes.


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