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We have discovered so many classes about life, love, and relationships throughout the decades-long run of certainly one of TV’s most iconic reveals, «Pals.» That is why it comes as no shock that yearly, the «Pals» Thanksgiving episodes give us a healthy dose of knowledge and fact. Our favourite group of buddies at all times appear to encapsulate the love, gratitude, insanity, and dysfunction that every one roll into one large, chaotic vacation. For the reason that vacation is developing, we’re looking again at the entire «Pals» Thanksgiving episodes so as, from the episode the place the gang will get locked out of Monica’s condominium to the ultimate Thanksgiving episode the place she locks them out on objective.

«Pals» Thanksgiving Episodes in Order

  1. «Pals» season one, episode 9: «The One The place Underdog Will get Away»
  2. «Pals» season three, episode 9: «The One With the Soccer»
  3. «Pals» season 4, episode eight: «The One With Chandler in a Field»
  4. «Pals» season 5, episode eight: The One With All of the Thanksgivings»
  5. «Pals» season six, episode 9: «The One The place Ross Received Excessive»
  6. «Pals» season seven, episode eight: «The One The place Chandler Would not Like Canine»
  7. «Pals» season eight, episode 9: «The One With the Rumor»
  8. «Pals» season 9, episode eight: «The One With Rachel’s Different Sister»
  9. «Pals» season 10, episode eight: «The One With the Late Thanksgiving»

— Extra reporting by Noelle Devoe.


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