‘No Manner To Stop This,’ Says Solely Nation The place This Commonly Occurs

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CHESAPEAKE, VA—Within the hours following a violent rampage in Virginia wherein a lone attacker killed no less than six people and injured no less than 4 others, residents residing in the one nation the place this sort of mass killing routinely happens reportedly concluded Wednesday that there was no approach to stop the bloodbath from happening. “This was a horrible tragedy, however generally these items simply occur and there’s nothing anybody can do to cease them,” mentioned New Mexico resident Gale Madran, echoing sentiments expressed by tens of tens of millions of people who reside in a nation the place over half of the world’s deadliest mass shootings have occurred previously 50 years and whose residents are 20 occasions extra prone to die of gun violence than these of different developed nations. “It’s a disgrace, however what can we do? There actually wasn’t something that was going to maintain this particular person from snapping and killing lots of people if that’s what they actually wished.” At press time, residents of the one economically superior nation on the earth the place roughly two mass shootings have occurred each month for the previous eight years had been referring to themselves and their scenario as “helpless.”


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