My Masterpiece in Composition and Sound Design

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Nicely, it is attainable that presenting a chunk of music (your ‘masterpiece’) of this kind in a Classical Music discussion board is sure to hit some tough waters.

I discovered the primary two minutes repetitive (all the time returning to the tonic each eight measures), and really restricted in scope so far as harmonic progressions go. I had simply determined I would had sufficient proper earlier than the 2 minute mark, however fortunately you modified it up round there, so I did let it play via. A minimum of you had the nice sense of liberally utilizing passing tones in these first two minutes. In direction of the top it felt prefer it wandered aimlessly – I am guessing that what seemed like randomness was really simply threadbare observe snippets nonetheless utilizing the identical harmonic progressions.

So, that is really Pop Music (Nicely, it appears so much like «throwback» Video Recreation backing music). A collection of 4 chords that change each two bars, and circle round seemingly endlessly whilst you incorporate minor texture modifications.

Re: «Masterpiece» . . . This jogs my memory considerably of a younger man who used to publish his each day «symphonies» (he’d write a brand new one nearly each day). He did not perceive the complete idea of a «symphony», and thought that his improvisations had been symphonies.

Oh, and calling somebody «a idiot» isn’t going to win you an argument, or get anybody in your facet. When Neo Romanza raises the difficulty of you calling your personal musical work «a masterpiece» as being a case of of monumental conceit, maybe you must calmly state the explanation why you’re feeling your musical work IS a masterpiece, NOT get all defensive and lash out. YOU are the one which posted your music for assessment.

It additionally does not assist your case once you examine utilizing the phrase «masterpiece« in your work to different composers utilizing the phrase «opus»: Your misunderstanding of why the phrase «opus» is used belies a sure ignorance of why it’s used. You actually got here to the mistaken place to lecture us on musical terminology.

So, so far as your piece being «a masterpiece» [a work done with extraordinary skill], I would say that you just with the ability to crank out one thing like this does require talent. However the frequent utilization of «masterpiece» for musical works often is reserved for «extraordinary» music: A musical masterpiece is a chunk of music that captures in some basic and important approach one thing about music and ourselves. If requested to call some musical masterpieces, I would trot out The 4 Seasons, The Brandenburg Concertos, the Nicely Tempered Clavier, Beethoven’s third Symphony, or Stravinsky’s Firebird. In Pop Music I would say that Bohemian Rhapsody, Roundabout, The Again Seat of My Automotive, Carry On My Wayward Son, Reelin’ Within the Years, Black Magic Lady are masterpieces of the Pop/Rock style. Your 5 minute backing monitoring does not examine favorably to generally accepted masterpieces.

I daresay it does you credit score to talk so effectively of your personal work. However you may garner a bit extra reward in your phrase if you happen to introduced it a bit extra humbly.


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