MSG Belongs In Your Meals — Particularly At Thanksgiving

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MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a taste enhancer that triggers your umami sensors and tips your mind into considering soups and sauces are well-seasoned however on the fraction of the sodium in salt. It’s scrumptious, protected (in line with the US Meals and Drug Administration) — and has largely been demonized by Western palates, cooks, and Goop-style bloggers, with little to no cultural understanding or factual accuracy. In recent times, science has proven claims that MSG causes numbness, lethargy, or coronary heart palpitations to be false. However regardless of these classifications, the results of many years of unfounded research that termed “Chinese language restaurant syndrome,” which was added to Merriam-Webster in 1993, proceed in the present day. Step into an Asian restaurant, and also you’ll nonetheless see the “No MSG” indicators that have been as soon as as ubiquitous as “Have A Good Day” takeout baggage. 


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