Milk is complicated. – The Bloggess

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Victor: Ew. Did you simply pour faucet water into your cereal?

me: Sure, as a result of there’s an excessive amount of milk within the milk.

Victor: What.

me: We solely have entire milk however I like 2% milk. What’s the opposite 98% of two% milk? It’s gotta be water, proper? But additionally, why doesn’t it value 2% as a lot as entire milk?

Victor: That’s not how milk works.

me: Looks as if it. 100% milk is the most milk, proper? Though in the event you added powdered milk to 100% milk, what would that be?

Victor: It will be milk. Very gross milk.

me: No, since you’d have extra milk per milk. An excessive amount of milk. However I don’t know the way the mathematics works.

Victor: Clearly.

me: Wait…however why does “evaporated milk” exist? As a result of if it evaporated it might be gone, proper?

Victor: Please cease speaking.

me: And if milk evaporates what then why doesn’t it ever rain milk? OMG, is that the place 2% milk comes from? Is the opposite 98% rain?

Victor: Have you ever been ingesting?

me: I believe I simply grew to become a scientist.


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