Methods to Do a Squat Thrust + 5 Variations

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What makes the squat thrust so efficient? Utilizing solely your body weight, it repeatedly hits most of the main muscle teams in each your higher and decrease physique, thereby creating an enormous oxygen demand and a big cardiovascular problem when carried out at excessive depth. And it solely requires about six toes by three toes of ground area.

Along with its extra diabolical cousin — the burpee — the squat thrust is a classically difficult motion, so fiendishly robust that drill sergeants, trainers, and train instructors typically dole out reps as punishment. Arrive 5 minutes late to your health class? That’s 10 reps. Miss an impediment in a mud race? Thirty reps. Drag your heels by means of your a primary coaching run? Fifty reps.

So that you’d finest learn to do it proper.


Squat Thrust: Step-by-Step Directions

At first look, the squat thrust seems to be easy: From a standing place, you squat down, place your fingers on the bottom, relax right into a push-up place, after which reverse the transfer. However the motion’s advantages — and its potential perils — lie within the particulars.

squat thrust exercise woman

  • Stand tall along with your toes shoulder-width aside and your arms at your sides.
  • Bend your knees, squat down, and place your fingers on the ground in entrance of you, shoulder-width aside.
  • Holding your fingers in place, again flat, and core engaged, kick your toes again to a push-up place: arms and physique straight, fingers consistent with and barely wider than your shoulders.
  • Reverse the sequence to return to the beginning place.

While you soar again to push-up place, don’t let your hips sag beneath the extent of your shoulders and heels. This could result in sudden, forceful extension of the decrease again — a recipe for again ache.

As with all train, cease and relaxation should you turn out to be too exhausted to carry out the transfer with correct kind. Simply because it doesn’t contain barbells or dumbbells doesn’t imply it may’t injure you should you do it fallacious.

Working with an teacher who insists you squat thrust until you’re begging for mercy? Until that teacher is called Gunnery Sergeant Patton and you’re three hours from the tip of Hell Week in SEAL coaching, discover one other teacher.


Squat Thrust vs. Burpee

squat thrust vs burpee exercise

Even should you’ve by no means heard of the squat thrust, it’s doubtless you’ve got heard of the burpee — a transfer named for train physiologist Royal H. Burpee, who invented the motion as a fast option to assess health. “A burpee follows the identical primary motion sequence, but in addition features a push-up and a soar,” says Beachbody Senior Director of Health and Vitamin Content material Trevor Thieme, CSCS.

Breaking that down a little bit: The primary few steps of the burpee are the identical as for a squat thrust — bend and kick your toes out to push-up place. As soon as there, although, you’ll carry out a full push-up — chest to inside a couple of inches of the ground, after which again up once more, protecting your physique inflexible — earlier than you soar your toes ahead. Then, from the crouched place, explode upwards, leaping as excessive as you possibly can whereas reaching your arms towards the sky.

If you wish to make the squat thrust more durable than it already is, in different phrases, make it a burpee.


Squat Thrust Variations

Nonetheless not happy? For those who’re a glutton for train punishment, you may get nonetheless fancier with these choices.

Squat thrust jack

As soon as in push-up place, soar your toes out large, then again once more — as if performing a horizontal leaping jack with simply your toes — earlier than standing up.

Squat thrust mountain climber

As soon as within the push-up place, carry your proper foot off the ground and draw your knee towards your chest. Reverse the transfer, after which repeat along with your left leg. Return to the push-up place, soar your toes ahead and stand.

Squat thrust tuck soar

As a substitute of standing as much as end the transfer, soar as excessive as you possibly can, drawing your knees towards your chest earlier than touchdown softly and instantly starting your subsequent rep.

Weighted squat thrust

Carry out the squat thrust holding two dumbbells all through the motion. Preserve the weights mild so you possibly can carry out every rep explosively.

Lastly, there are clap-push-up squat thrusts, gator push-up squat thrusts, side-shuffle squat thrusts, and dozens of different variations — all price exploring when you’ve nailed the essential model.


What Muscle tissue Does the Squat Thrust Work?

high plank woman living room | squat thrust exercise

One of many advantages of squat thrusts is that they work so many various muscle teams. Among the largest contributors:

Decrease physique

Squatting and standing work your glutesquadriceps, and hamstrings. For those who carry out a vertical soar on the finish of the transfer, you’ll additionally hit your calf muscle tissue.

Higher physique

While you assume the push-up place, your chestshoulders, and triceps have interaction to maintain you correctly aligned. For those who carry out a burpee, they work even tougher.


Nearly each muscle between your legs and shoulders — together with your glutes, abdominalsobliques, and spinal erectors — engages to maintain your physique steady, your backbone supported, and energy transferring effectively between your limbs.


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