LISTEN: ATLiens Unveil New EP ‘House Cathedral’

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Just a few years for the reason that launch of their 2019 Ghost Planet EP, ATLiens are proud their latest EP, House Cathedral, the second installment and follow-up of their growing EP storyline out now by way of Bassrush.

Ghost Planet left us with a cliffhanger for the ages, throughout which a bunch of astronauts launched into a harmful mission to save lots of ▇▇▇ from a horrid destiny attributable to the invasion of unknown beings. Based on the duo, the mission – led by Astronaut 001, whose start title has been stricken from all information –  went askew, inflicting the planet to develop into a dystopian wasteland void of all life…or so it was thought. Astronaut 001 awakens to see that the as soon as stunning planet is now nothing however a post-apocalyptic wasteland below a crimson sky. All the pieces that was as soon as recognized is now destroyed however within the distance lies one thing new, an eerie cathedral now stands amongst the destroyed and barren planet.

The duo’s latest five-track physique of labor encompasses a latest collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH together with a quartet of unmistakable ATLiens productions: energetic, explosive, and technically immaculate. See what the duo needed to say about their newest under and dive in to see what Astronaut 001 discovers in his newest journey.

LISTEN: ATLiens Unveil New EP ‘House Cathedral’


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