Kevin Bacon Pays Weddings DJs To not Play ‘Footloose’

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Bacon’s reasoning for proscribing the tune goes past the easy irritation that naturally happens when one 80s earworm follows somebody round for 4 a long time – whereas the tune is definitely a novelty for wedding ceremony visitors who’ve little doubt been whispering in regards to the film star’s presence since he RSVP’d, it’s a serious distraction from the festivities at hand, and it’s hardly celebratory for the bride to be upstaged at her personal wedding ceremony.

The irony, nevertheless, is that by banning “Footloose” from the get together, Bacon is, by extension, banning individuals from dancing to “Footloose,” due to this fact turning into the one factor he initially swore to destroy – John Lithgow.

There’s seemingly going to be loads of dancing, loads of Bacon, and loads of “Footloose” when the actor makes his MCU debut on Friday. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vacation Particular will present the Guardians returning to Earth with a purpose to discover Peter Quill the proper Christmas current, which can find yourself being Bacon himself.

Minimize unfastened, Kevin.

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