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I like him.

I’m not fan of program music and tone poems, so I favor his symphonies…My favorite works are Symphonies No. 2, 5 a7 and Violin Concerto. But additionally some tone poems, e.g. Finlandia, Spring Track and others (Andante Festivo).

These works additionally belong to my probably the most beloved and most prefered musical items in any respect.

Possibly he hasn’t melodies like Tchaikovsky, excellent musical kind like Brahms, sensible instrumentation like Ravel, however for some motive his music may be very near my soul and I really feel connection between me and his works…and perhaps for some listeners is boring and old style, however I like him and I can simply say the identical irrational and naive, however honest factor as one Finnish singer on youtube:

«Every little thing he wrote is gorgeous.»



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