I’m too uncool to know which thumbs-up emoji is uncool so somebody assist me. – The Bloggess

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me: So apparently we’re alleged to cease thumbs-up emojying younger individuals at work.

Victor: I don’t even know what which means nevertheless it seems like one thing I already don’t do.

me: Based on the web Gen Z finds the thumbs up emoji passive-aggressive and hostile, however Gen X makes use of it on a regular basis as a result of they don’t perceive.

Victor: I don’t perceive.

me: Fucking identical, dude. However we’re Gen X so I assume we’re not alleged to? However I don’t know if I’m nonetheless cool as a result of I by no means use the thumbs-up emoji however I’m at all times utilizing the thumbs-up response and I don’t know if that’s completely different.

Victor: Aren’t these the identical factor?

me: The thumbs-up emoji is yellow and stand alone. The thumbs-up response is blue and is connected to the individual’s textual content bubble.

Victor: I’m so confused.

me: BECAUSE WE’RE OLD. Apparently we’re additionally alleged to cease utilizing thumbs-up, okay fingers, kissy face, crimson hearts…

Victor: Eggplant emoji?

me: Eggplant emoji didn’t make the listing. However please don’t ship it anyway.

Victor: Huh. Can I nonetheless do thumbs up in actual life?

me: Simply to be secure? I’d say provided that you’re Fonzie.

Victor: What if I’m paradoxically pretending to be Fonzie?

me: Does Gen Z even know Fonzie?

Victor: Fuck. We’re previous.

That is the place I’d put a thumbs up emoji however I actually don’t understand how to do this in wordpress and Hailey isn’t residence to assist me so I texted them for suggestions:


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