Home of the Dragon Episode 8 Solidifies Eve Greatest because the Collection’ Standout Performer

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Editor’s notice: The beneath accommodates spoilers for Episode 8 of Home of the Dragon.For the reason that collection’ debut, one of the thematically resonant characters in Home of the Dragon has been Rhaenys Targaryen, portrayed by Eve Greatest. Dubbed the “Queen Who By no means Was,” Greatest’s Rhaenys has been essential to the present’s critique of patriarchal energy and custom. And but, little consideration has been paid to the extremely nuanced efficiency of Greatest on this essential function. In Episode 8, “The Lord of the Tides,” Greatest navigates a variety of sophisticated feelings and meaningfully delivers dialogue dripping with subtext, proving she is really the present’s standout performer.


Episode 8 opens with Rhaenys’s line, “It’s been close to six years since I final noticed my lord-husband, Maester. I need to know, will he stay?” Not solely does this line of dialogue introduce the present’s latest time soar, it additionally crucially demonstrates Rhaenys’s emotional state for the reason that finish of the final episode, during which her son, Laenor (John MacMillan) seemed to be murdered.

It’s a testomony to Greatest’s supply that this line is so efficient as she doesn’t really seem on-screen whereas delivering it. Due to this fact, it’s by means of Greatest’s cautious studying that it yields such resonance. Greatest’s punctuation of “six years” expresses her longing to be reunited together with her husband, Corlys Velaryon (Steve Toussaint). The deliberate beat she takes between “I need to know” and “will he stay?” suggests she is frightened to study the reality of her husband’s situation. This line is very impactful contemplating she continues to be in mourning over the presumed lack of her son. By a single line of dialogue, Greatest unravels a multifaceted community of feelings and units the tonal stage for the whole episode.

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Greatest’s Portrayal of Rhaenys Depends on Subtlety

Greatest first seems on-screen because the Maester Kelvyn (Haqi Ali) concludes the information of Corlys’s accidents. Rhaenys listens to the Maester’s message intently, and thru Greatest’s efficiency, it’s clear that Rhaenys’s exterior power masks her inner anguish. Shot in profile, Greatest appears ahead, however down, not making eye contact with the Maester. Because the information of Corlys’s struggling continues, Greatest turns her head right down to the left, as her chin quivers ever so subtly. With this gesture, Greatest expresses Rhaenys’s try to keep up composure. Considerably, as a substitute of instantly turning to face the Maester, Greatest then turns to the correct, stalling for time earlier than she will be able to utter her subsequent query. With consideration to even the smallest of actions, Greatest demonstrates her dedication to and respect for Rhaenys’s advanced psyche.

Extra scenes all through the episode additional exemplify Greatest’s layered portrayal. When Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) involves Rhaenys to debate the upcoming succession petition, Greatest makes use of her masterful expressiveness to convey the underlying grief that subtends her politicking. By a collection of unbroken stares, Greatest demonstrates the skepticism Rhaenys has for Rhaenyra, whom she believes ordered the assassination of her son. When she does look away, her sorrowful eyes specific her continued mourning over the lack of Laenor. Her suspicion and grief work in tandem, as evidenced by the second when Rhaenyra tells Rhaenys she had nothing to do with Laenor’s demise. Greatest, trying away, raises her left eyebrow barely—even when Rhaenys is remembering her son, she leaves room to doubt her present opponent.

Later, Rhaenys known as to testify in entrance of King Viserys (Paddy Considine) concerning the petition. As her earlier scene ends with Rhaenys accepting the inevitable energy seize by the rival Hightowers, she is stunned to be requested to talk. However Rhaenys can’t name consideration to her shock, or she may seem weak. Due to this fact, Greatest merely raises her head considerably as grin twitches throughout her face. After Rhaenys’s remarks, her gaze lingers briefly on Rhaenyra, signaling their renewed alliance. Greatest’s delicate look, even when framed in a medium-long shot, communicates copious quantities of knowledge with none dialogue.

Regardless of the scene, Greatest instructions the display screen with wealthy complexity, all the time imbuing her efficiency with depth and dimensionality. From her nuanced line supply to her masterful management over even the smallest of expressions, Greatest brings unmatched authenticity to her fantasy character. Although a lot consideration has been paid to the unbelievable performances of the present’s protagonists, Episode 8 really solidifies Greatest as Home of the Dragon’s preeminent performer.

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