‘Higher Name Saul’ Exists As a result of Of A Dumb Joke

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The concept was that every week, Saul could be visited by a special humorist in want of authorized recommendation. However that premise was scrapped when Gould and Breaking Dangerous creator Vince Gilligan realized that they didn’t “know something concerning the half-hour idiom,” thus depriving the world of a present by which Saul Goodman would, say, deal with Paul F. Tompkins’ overdue parking tickets. Clearly, this was simply the kernel of an concept, however it’s nonetheless type of stunning that any venture may go from a light-hearted riff on a Comedy Central cartoon to an sometimes soul-crushing drama by which drug sellers get shot within the head on a weekly foundation. 

The pair then moved onto an concept that will have made Saul a “form of a Jerry Maguire for criminals” in that he was “assembling groups” of crooks and “getting concerned of their private lives” – not profiting off of potential mind accidents and/or drunkenly groping his feminine workers. That too, fell by the wayside when the pair realized that Jimmy’s transformation into Saul was the last word “tragedy” of the story … nicely, that and being caught in a windowless Cinnabon.

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