God Of Warfare Ragnarök Cannot Overlook Atreus’ Best Nemesis

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God of Warfare Ragnarok will function a colourful assortment of Norse gods, however one specific deity with ties to Atreus has not but been confirmed.

A number of Norse gods have already been revealed as God of Warfare Ragnarök antagonists, however the mythological sequel cannot neglect to incorporate Atreus’ fated nemesis. The upcoming sequel will see Kratos and Atreus conflict with all kinds of enemies, together with their former ally Freya and the God of Thunder Thor. Many different God of Warfare Ragnarok enemies have been revealed forward of launch too, however one mythological determine has been surprisingly absent from advertising and marketing thus far.


Whereas 2018’s God of Warfare efficiently revitalized the motion franchise, the sport was criticized for its lack of enemy and boss selection. Gamers solely encounter three Norse gods throughout boss fights, with Baldur hounding Kratos and Atreus all through their journey whereas Magni and Modi present up for a quick however memorable brawl. Fortunately, God of Warfare Ragnarok is ready to handle this situation by together with many extra distinctive enemies and executives throughout the 9 Realms. Santa Monica Studios has teased epic confrontations with Freya and Thor, and Odin the All-Father is more likely to function one of many title’s closing bosses. Regardless of this spectacular lineup of gods in God of Warfare Ragnarok, the one destined to be Atreus’ biggest foe has gone unseen thus far.

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The Norse god Heimdall is called the stalwart watchman who guards the Bifrost rainbow bridge. Portrayed by Idris Elba within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this recognizable but enigmatic deity performs a key position in a number of Norse myths. Heimdall is very notable in relation to God of Warfare Ragnarok resulting from his antagonistic relationship with Loki, the trickster god who serves as Atreus’ surprising true identification. One notable story depicts Heimdall and Loki combating over Freya’s necklace Brísingamen after Loki steals it from the Vanir goddess. Norse fable additionally says that Loki and Heimdall are destined to battle and kill one another throughout Ragnarok, bringing a bloody finish to their rivalry.

God of Warfare Ragnarok Should Present Heimdall & Loki Face Off

Heimdall’s shut connection to Atreus signifies that the Bifrost’s gatekeeper may be very more likely to issue into the story of God of Warfare Ragnarok. The sport will little doubt discover Atreus’ true nature as Loki, and his mischievous actions will little doubt result in a climactic duel towards Heimdall. The watchman could also be encountered when Kratos and Atreus first journey to Asgard, with Heimdall serving because the realm’s first line of protection towards invaders. It could be surprising if Atreus truly died throughout the occasions of the sport, so God of Warfare Ragnarok might twist Norse mythology by having Loki kill Heimdall and escape the duel along with his life. References to Heimdall in 2018’s God of Warfare, like a Talisman referred to as the Horn of Heimdall, lend extra credibility to the concept that the favored determine will make an look within the upcoming sequel.

It seems that God of Warfare Ragnarok introduces Odin as its chief antagonist, however Heimdall could also be a very private foe for Atreus to face. The 2 Norse deities are destined to kill one another because the world crumbles round them, which might function an extremely intense second for the younger warrior. Heimdall has not but been confirmed to seem in God of Warfare Ragnarok, however leaving out Atreus’ potential killer could be a missed alternative.

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