Elon Musk Is Straight Up Not Having A Good Time

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The 51-year-old self-described memelord had some enjoyable the primary few hours after the deal, posting facebook-level memes that echo somebody unironically posting le troll face within the 12 months 2022.  He was principally making an attempt to taunt his detractors on Twitter with a “U MAD BRO,” besides that everybody was like “dude, you simply spent 44 billion {dollars} to publish this.” Then, in full view of everybody on a platform that loved making enjoyable of him BEFORE this occurred, he proceeded to step on a sequence of poo-covered rakes. 

He fired half the workforce of twitter with out advance discover, triggering a labor swimsuit, solely to must attempt to rent them again so they may truly clarify how the positioning labored. He introduced that verification would now be a part of a month-to-month subscription service, solely to get pissy like a petulant baby when individuals defined they weren’t going to pay for that. Lastly, with a spike of utterly unmoderated content material, advertisers started to tug out en masse, since they not had any assure that their advertisements about new Oreo flavors weren’t going to be sandwiched between memes about “shekels” from groyper accounts. Musk instantly blamed this on social justice warriors and claimed he was going to pursue a tortious interference declare in opposition to… the customers of twitter? For boycotting a enterprise? Which, in fact, is concrete, definitive, protected free speech.

If the entire web site blows up, it’ll be, on some degree, sorely missed. For now, although, a minimum of, let’s sit again and watch the fireworks implode.

High Picture: Flickr/Pixabay

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