Elon Musk Continues Cringeworthy Campaign to Get Stephen King’s Affections

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Elon Musk’s ongoing quest to realize any type of respect from Stephen King continues its cringeworthy standing, with him attempting desperately laborious to get King’s consideration.

King has been maybe probably the most vocal critic of Musk’s reign of Twitter for the reason that acquisition, with the famed horror author totally roasting the South African at any given alternative. King’s earlier scathing remarks noticed Musk drop his flawed paid verification from $20 to $8. Now, Musk is channelling a schoolboy making an attempt to get his crush to note him.

The King of Horror remarked upon the advertiser boycott of Twitter saying quickly “the one advertiser left on Twitter would be the My Pillow.” For the uninitiated, My Pillow is a controversial pillow producer who’ve claimed their merchandise might remedy insomnia or the power illness fibromyalgia.

Musk responded with an tried cutesy tweet, earlier than primarily simply speaking to himself within the obscure hope the Carrie writer would give him a morsel of consideration. For those who’re uneasy about second-hand cringe, look away now.

There’s uncomfortable interactions on a regular basis on-line, however seeing a 51 year-old billionaire strive desperately to get one in all his biggest critics to work together with him seems like an distinctive low level. 12 hours after this preliminary tweets, Musk returned to strive but once more get some consideration.

It appears, feels, and could be very unhappy to take a look at. Musk, regardless of posturing himself as a libertine edgy meme-loving billionaire, actually simply appears like he’s missing self-confidence and is continually on the verge of his ego being bruised.

The optimistic for Musk is his sycophantic followers nonetheless deem just about something he does to be “proudly owning the libs” as a result of they stay in 2016. The billionaire has typically punched down on the absolute mistaken individuals since he acquired Twitter, together with his tried Trent Reznor sledge leading to mockery.


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