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Saving Commodore Krux is an unofficial Dungeons & Dragons complement from Daniel Kahn and Dana Floberg that’s designed to increase upon the Mild of Xaryxis journey in Spelljammer: Adventures in Area. As a substitute of working throughout Commodore Krux on the Glad Beholder, gamers should discover and rescue him.

Saving Commodore Krux is supposed to supply further alternatives for the celebration to work together with the Rock of Bral and those that reside on it. It seems to be like numerous enjoyable for increasing the journey, particularly in case you’ve already performed it a couple of times. Inside the journey, you’ll discover maps in addition to encounters in fight, exploration, and social domains.

Hid inside the caverns that riddle the underbelly of the asteroid metropolis on the Rock of Bral, a gang of plasmoid scoundrels often known as the Amoebros have made an unlikely house. However when a deal goes south, and an honorable soldier throws a wrench of their plans, the gang’s lair turns into a cage for the captured veteran. The stage is ready for a daring rescue and an opportunity to uproot a dastardly prison plot.

You should purchase Saving Commodore Krux (affiliate hyperlink) from DMs Guild for $3.95.


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