Darkish Horse Pronounces Launch Date for KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF EIZOUKEN! Quantity 5 — GeekTyrant

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Darkish Horse Manga lately introduced Hold Your Arms Off Eizouken! Quantity 5. The manga follows Asakusa and Mizusaki as they attempt to create an anime and this quantity follows their audio engineer Doumeki as they explores a ruined clock tower and Eizouken has an unique screening set with their rivals. The story and artwork come from Sumito Oowara and all of it feels like a variety of enjoyable.

Asakusa and Mizusaki’s quest to create their “best world” in anime (and Kanamori’s quest to make it pay!) takes inspiration as soon as once more from the true mysteries that fill Shibahama’s faculty and city, as their audio engineer Doumeki turns into obsessive about capturing the soundscapes of a ruined clock tower. Eizouken levels an unique screening with their rivals, the Anime Research Membership, whose faces are revealed ultimately, and it seems they’re some very acquainted faces…

You possibly can learn quantity 5 of Hold Your Arms Off Eizouken! on April 5 when it hits your native comedian outlets and bookstores. Pre-orders are open now and the MSRP is $14.99.


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