Daniel Craig Discovered A Painful Lesson On His First Day As James Bond

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Whereas some actors would possibly hesitate to movie such daring stunts on their very own, Empire revealed that Craig himself really did a major chunk of the parkour — and paid dearly for it. When talking concerning the ache he endured on set, Craig informed Empire, «I realized from day one which it was gonna damage … and the entire movie actually did damage. But when I used to be hurting, the stunt guys have been hurting ten instances greater than I used to be. I simply needed to suck it up and get on with it.»

Sadly, the ache on set wasn’t minor. Craig mentioned that some stunts felt as if he was «being crushed spherical the pinnacle and neck with a stick.» He even informed Empire that he managed to knock out a tooth cap on set, then continued filming for the remainder of the day. Whereas this most likely wasn’t the type of pleasure that the actor was anticipating when he signed on to play James Bond, in a approach it was par for the course — on Roger Moore’s first day as James Bond, he managed to crash a ship and landed himself within the hospital. Regardless, one factor’s for certain: Craig’s dedication to pushing by means of ache actually proved that he was ready to present the position of James Bond his all.


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