Chubbiest, Chonkiest, Fats Cat Memes That Will Soften Your Coronary heart

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Fats cats are cute. They’re like dwelling Garfield cartoons and fill our lives will countless pleasure and happiness. If solely the sentiment had been the identical when it got here to our personal chubby our bodies.


An chubby, or chonky, cat is really a factor of magnificence. Certain, he is most likely over consuming and never exercising, however we form of prefer to have the rats working across the yard in any case! We do not want our treasured indoor kitty worrying about dirtying his paws and taking a miraculous step down into the yard. How would he fend for himself with all that girth? Sit on the mice? Most likely. 


Welp, he can bounce plomp his pluffy tooshie proper right here on my lap and watch one other true crime documentary. Possibly he’ll get extra hand fed tuna or wild caught salmon to present him a pleasant shiny coat too! May as nicely since he is finest identified for pets and cuddles. 


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