Celibidache: Loss of life and Transfiguration | Classical Music Discussion board

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Being a Bruckner fan I would suppose I might have listened to him earlier than this however I have not. I fell in love with this rendition fast! My take is, if you are going to go gradual, you’d higher provide a superb purpose for it and I liked his causes. 2 1/2 to three minutes longer than Von Karajan! BUT….right here and there there have been phrases, very transient, that I discovered nearly unrecognizable. (I am extra an opera man, however I like symphonic music and, by my requirements, it is a piece I do know effectively) Is that final bit a part of the Celibidache factor?
I do know you all love Bruckner…Is there a primary Bruckner you’d ship me to? I am hoping to maintain on loving his stuff!



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