Bleu Clair’s Artistic Prowess Shines On Contemporary EP, «New Age of Home» –

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Delivering eclectic and infectious takes on home music, Bleu Clair is among the style’s most fun trailblazers.

The buzzing tech home producer has lastly unveiled his model new EP, New Age of Home. Launched independently, Clair’s newest physique of labor effortlessly takes listeners on a journey by means of his distinctive tackle the style.

«Aura» (with Jargen) kicks off the EP with ethereal manufacturing and uplifting grooves earlier than “Sand Dunes” and “Killer Bee” begin exploring Clair’s darker manufacturing facet. “Peanut Butter” (with DWWG) is full of thrilling moments, from its funky chords and classic vocal samples to its infectious drum work and gritty basslines. “Love Capsule” completes the report with its groovy patterns, reinforcing Bleu Clair’s unfiltered inventive expression.


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