Adam Warlock May Deliver the Infinity Stones Again to the MCU

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Early in his travels, Warlock turned the protector of Counter-Earth, an idealized model of Earth (nonetheless throughout the 616 universe) created by Excessive Evolutionary. To assist Warlock’s quest, Excessive Evolutionary gave Warlock the Soul Gem, embedded in his brow. The Soul Gem served as a temptation object for Thomas’s Christ narrative, because it made Warlock harmful and vengeful. Whereas that might be dangerous for any hero in search of internal peace, corruption was a eager concern for Warlock, who often clashed in opposition to Magus, an evil model of himself from the longer term with an unlikely purple afro. 

When he took over the character, author Jim Starlin used the ability and peril offered by the Soul Gem to craft an epic concerning the nature of the universe. Starlin moved Warlock off of Counter-Earth and introduced the hero into battle with Thanos, a personality he created whereas writing Iron Man. Because the duo debated problems with life and dying, Thanos found the Soul Gem to be simply one of many Infinity Gems and finally used them to kill half the universe within the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries. 

Since Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock has principally been the protector of the Gems, typically with the assistance of Gamora, Drax, and different cosmic characters. Typically, Warlock’s embrace of internal peace makes him the perfect protector. However when Warlock’s evil aspect takes over and he turns into the Magus, it’s exhausting to think about a worse custodian of final energy. 

How Will Warlock Have an effect on the MCU?

So far, we’ve solely heard Adam’s identify spoken within the MCU when Ayesha of the Sovereign names her creation in a post-credit sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We already know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is not going to solely characteristic Poulter’s Warlock, but in addition Chukwudi Iwuji (Peacemaker) because the huge dangerous Excessive Evolutionary. Leaked set images appear to characteristic Counter-Earth, which is able to probably be the house planet of Rocket Raccoon. 

All of that data means that Guardians 3 will probably draw from Roy Thomas’s Jesus Christ Famous person riff, during which the Soul Gem was a part of Warlock’s energy set. As thrilling as these tales are, they’re comparatively restricted in scope. They inform an easy story about Warlock making an attempt to manage the Soul Gem whereas stopping the Man-Beast from corrupting Excessive Evolutionary’s creation on Counter-Earth. 

However the place the unique story offered the Soul Gem as largely a private wrestle for Warlock, MCU viewers know the Soul Stone as probably the most foreboding of the Infinity Stones, the one which requires a sacrifice on Vormir to amass. Nonetheless, dying and resurrection are key elements of Warlock’s story, making him a perfect character to retrieve the Gem. Moreover, as Warlock wrestles with smug characters like Ayesha and Excessive Evolutionary, he’ll achieve an understanding of energy’s corruption, one thing that may drive him to seek out the Stones and take them out of rivalry. 


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