A Information to Baroque Music

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When was the Baroque interval?

From about 1600 to 1750.

The place does the time period ‘Baroque’ come from?

The phrase might be derived from the Portuguese phrase ‘barroco’, that means ‘oddly-shaped pearl’. It was initially used to explain the flowery German structure of the seventeenth and 18th centuries – and it was not supposed as reward. Within the minds of critics, who most well-liked restraint, the works of artists corresponding to Bernini and Pietro da Cortona appeared weird — just like the misshapen pearl. Ultimately the time period got here for use to explain the type of music from the identical interval.

What is the historic backstory to the period (in a nutshell)?

The Baroque interval was a time of nice non secular, political and philosophical improvement. Protestantism was sweeping by means of northern Europe, taking deep root in England and Germany, the place Johann Sebastian Bach spent all of his life (he wrote a lot of his music for the Lutheran church). As monarchs amassed ever better wealth and energy, the state was more and more difficult the authority of the church. Enlightenment ideology was gathering momentum, inserting new emphasis on progressivism and human cause. Sir Isaac Newton, the German astronomer Johannes Kepler and the English doctor William Harvey have been making enormous strides in science, spherical about the identical time that literary giants corresponding to Shakespeare, Racine and John Milton have been drilling down into the small print of human psychology: it was between 1599 and 1601 that Shakespeare wrote Hamlet. So it is not stunning that the music of the interval went by means of some pretty important modifications of its personal.

Akin to?

It grew to become extra emotive, elaborate and dramatic, as composers grew to become extra conscious of music’s potential as a way of communication. With the introduction of the pianoforte, an early model of the piano which may play each loudly and quietly, composers started to harness dynamics as an expressive instrument. Additionally they more and more embraced the chances of instrumental music: a few of the hottest Baroque works, corresponding to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, are instrumental. As with Baroque structure, ornamentation grew to become ubiquitous; even the best melodies have been embellished with trills, acciaccaturas, appoggiaturas and mordents. However maybe the most important improvement was the emergence of equal temperament (a tuning system by which the octave is split into twelve equal semitones) and the institution of the 12 main and minor keys that we nonetheless use in Western music in the present day.

What have been the musical types of the interval?

Among the many hottest types have been the Prelude and Fugue, the cantata, the concerto, the oratorio, the sonata and opera, the latter of which grew to become firmly established in the course of the Baroque period, constructing on the foundations laid by Monteverdi.

And essentially the most well-known works?

Among the many many, many in style works of the interval, there are the blockbusters: Handel’s Messiah and Zadok the Priest; Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons and Gloria; and any variety of works by Bach: the St Matthew Ardour; Mass in B minor; the Toccata and Fugue in D minor; Goldberg Variations; Brandenburg Concertos; and the Properly-Tempered Clavier. However this actually is the tip of a colossal iceberg. Have enjoyable chipping away at it your self.


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