6ix9ine Disses Fivio Overseas, WOOs, GDs Music November 2022

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6ix9ine disses Fivio Overseas, WOOs, GDs music November 2022, because the rainbow hair rapper is again house in NYC this vacation season. Over the previous few weeks, Tekashi has been popping again up on social media, after doing a PSA to disclose that he took the final 12 months off to get again his smile.

The Brooklyn rapper returned to New York Metropolis this week to share a plethora of content material on social media. Whereas the images had no substance for us to cowl, he previewed music for followers saying some alternative phrases. Within the first clip beneath, 6ix9ine disses Fivio Overseas within the new music preview, in addition to making derogatory hand indicators towards the Woos and GDs.


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