20 Wonderful Theatre Administrators | The Drama Instructor

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A listing of the accomplishments of 20 of theatre’s most influential administrators. From fashionable theatre’s first real director Georg II, to Stanislavski on the Moscow Artwork Theatre, Brecht on the Berliner Ensemble, Elia Kazan on Broadway, the experimental avant-garde of Ariane Mnouchkine, to the universally acclaimed productions of Peter Brook, plus many others.

The world’s finest theatre administrators range of their method and use of favor. Stanislavski, Antoine and Craig dabbled in realism and naturalism, Brecht and Piscator cast a path with a brand new epic theatre type, whereas Brook’s influences had been worldwide. A few of these administrators labored primarily for subsidised theatre, others had been kings of economic theatre on Broadway, whereas a number of had been famend for his or her experimental work in ensemble theatre. – Justin Money


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