10 Situations That Modified Rick Grimes Endlessly

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Over the course of 12 years and 11 seasons on AMC, Rick Grimes was the lead character for 9 of these seasons of The Strolling Lifeless. Even all through the seasons since Andrew Lincoln departed from the collection, Rick has performed a significant position within the lives of his group.

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As TWD says its farewell and Rick spins off into the Rick and Michonne collection, it is value noting some key moments in Rick’s life that led him to the place he’s at present (wherever which may be). From some devastating deaths to brutal betrayals, some eventualities from the present ceaselessly modified Rick Grimes.


Shot And In A Coma

Rick on Walking Dead

The Strolling Lifeless pilot episode tells the story of Rick’s destiny via flashbacks. Viewers see his life as a sheriff, his friendship with Shane Walsh, and the gunshot on obligation that landed him in a coma.

If Rick hadn’t been shot throughout that fateful afternoon, he by no means would have spent months in a coma, lacking the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and main his so-called finest good friend Shane to have an affair along with his spouse.

Morgan’s Friendship

Rick Grimes and Morgan Jones on The Walking Dead

As soon as Rick awoke from his coma and found the post-apocalyptic Atlanta, he wasn’t positive what to make of the deserted hospital and harmful walkers till Morgan Jones took him in and in the end saved his life.

Positive, Rick and Morgan’s friendship has been rocky at occasions – with Rick by no means having the ability to be in contact along with his good friend via their walkie-talkies and Morgan experiencing a psychological break – however because the very first individual Rick met within the new world, this friendship became a life-changer.

Shane’s Betrayal

Shane in The Walking Dead

Shane racked himself up a laundry record fairly shortly of not-so-good issues he did throughout the first two seasons. When Rick made his strategy to his household after waking up from his coma, he quickly discovered that not solely was Shane having an affair along with his spouse, however she was pregnant with Shane’s youngster.

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As if that wasn’t a nasty sufficient betrayal on his finest good friend, Shane finally turns into jealous of Rick’s capacity to steer the group of survivors and plans to execute Rick, however not earlier than Rick may fatally stab him first, an act that haunted Rick for years to return.

Lori’s Demise

Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead

All Rick needed to do was discover his spouse and son after waking up within the apocalypse, and when he did, he obtained the frustration of his life when he discovered that his spouse Lori was dishonest on him along with his finest good friend Shane.

However regardless of the preliminary tough patch, Rick was dedicated to Lori and her sudden being pregnant up till her devastating demise in Season 3 after giving beginning to a daughter. Her demise left Rick an emotional wreck, realizing his son Carl was now with out a mom and he must increase the little woman he knew wasn’t his.

Assembly The Governor

an one-eyed man is pointing gun at someone

When Rick and his group met one of many present’s worst villains in Season 3, they by no means may have anticipated the world of harm they had been in for. The Governor left a everlasting mark on Rick’s group regardless of solely being on the present for a season and a half.

Not solely did he try and assault Maggie, beat Rick, and rack up a kill depend of 69 individuals, the worst act The Governor dedicated was when he beheaded the beloved Hershel with Michonne’s katana, proper in entrance of Rick and his complete group.

Biting Joe’s Neck

The Walking Dead

On TWD, walkers are identified for creeping up on people and devouring them by biting their limbs. However within the Season 4 finale, when put in a life-or-death scenario, Rick is given no alternative however to take a web page out of the walkers’ e book.

In one in all his most harrowing moments as a father defending his son, when Rick is being held by Joe, his escape plan concerned biting Joe’s neck and tearing out his jugular along with his tooth, very similar to what walkers are identified for.



With hilarious one-liners and a knack for cruel killings, there’s been no villain on The Strolling Lifeless extra concurrently hated and beloved than Negan. Even Rick had his moments the place he selected to spare him, however not earlier than Negan prompted irreversible harm on him and his group.

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No matter who was proper and unsuitable when Rick’s group infiltrated Negan’s sanctuary, Negan left all of them with unforgettable trauma and devastation when he brutally murdered Glenn and Abraham along with his barb-wired bat whereas Rick and his group all watched helplessly.

Carl’s Demise

Image of Carl From Walking Dead

Every part Rick ever did was all the time in Carl’s finest curiosity, to present Carl a significant life regardless of dwelling in an apocalypse. At a younger age, Carl needed to face loss, learn to defend himself from walkers, and even needed to shoot his personal mom so she would not flip.

Rick centered his complete life pre and post-apocalypse round his son, and the day he discovered Carl had been bit by a walker was a day that ceaselessly hardened him. Not solely did Rick lose his son to a walker chunk, however needed to pay attention as Carl shot himself after which bury his physique within the Alexandria graveyard.

Relationship With Michonne

The Walking Dead Episode 0610,

Through the 9 seasons Rick was on the present, he was in loads of relationships, however the fan-favorite was all the time his romance with Michonne. Rick and Michonne began courting in Season 6, shortly turning into a supercouple of TWD.

However aside from having a reasonably badass girlfriend who gave him one other son, this relationship may additionally wind up saving Rick’s life. When Michonne obtained an inkling Rick may very well be alive, she took off to search out her lacking boyfriend, however solely their upcoming spin-off will reveal their destiny.

Sacrificing Himself In Season 9

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead

Within the final episode to star Rick, he hopped on a horse and tried to sacrifice himself so as to save his group. However in a last-minute twist, after a bridge collapse, a wounded Rick is discovered by Jadis and brought away in a helicopter.

Had Rick by no means wound up on that bridge, he by no means would have been harm and brought by Jadis. The character by no means would have been presumed useless for years, and by no means would have misplaced out on a lot time along with his group and his youngsters.

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